Wisteria Beaute Luxury 24k Gold Anti-Aging Eye Masks, Under Eye Patches/Under Eye Masks for Puffy Eyes & Under Eye Bags Treatment, Improves Elasticity (15 Pairs)


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New Wisteria Luxury Anti-Aging 24K Gold Under Eye Treatment Masks – Collagen Depuffing Under Eye Gel Patches for Under Eye Bags, Wrinkles & Dark Circle Under Eye Treatment – Dark Circles Under Eye Treatment, 15 Pairs

Our masks contain 24K gold and collagen which intensely moisturize and hydrates your skin, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and smooth.Our New Unique Blend of Ingredients make our masks the perfect eye mask for puffy eyes and dark circle management. The masks assist in blood circulation while also expelling harmful toxins and helping free up radicals. The masks will leave your skin looking and feeling more youthful, while also fighting against wrinkles, bags and dark circles under your eyes, and the appearance of puffy eyes.

Main Benefits

•Helps to Expels Harmful Toxins and Frees up Radicals

•Reduces The Appearance of Crows Feet

•Reduces Eye Puffiness

•Hydrates and Moisturizes your skin

•Helps Prevent Premature Skin Aging

•Reduces Inflammation

•Helps Depuff Area Under Eyes

•Reduces Bags Under your Eyes

•Reduces The Appearance of Wrinkles and Dark Circles


Water (Aqua) 80.3%, Nano-active gold 5%, Vitamin C 8%, Deep-sea fish small molecule collagen 5%, Hyaluronic acid 0.15%, Licorice 0.3%, Oat Peptide 0.3%, Flavonoids 0.2%, Lutein extract 0.3%, Diatomi polysaccharide 0.25%, Rose essence 0.2%

★ REMARKABLE BENEFITS OF 24K PURE GOLD★ Gold has been used in luxury beauty treatments around the world since the time of Cleopatra. It purifies the skin by drawing out toxins and impurities, vitalizes your skin metabolism, and brightens your skin. It reduces wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness, making it the perfect under eye bags treatment. It also contains powerful anti-aging properties, so give our under eye mask a try and get your skin looking more youthful within days.
★ ANTI-AGING COLLAGEN ★ Collagen energizes skin cells to renew and repair themselves. This reduces wrinkles, prevents new ones from forming, and improves your skin’s elasticity, keeping your skin soft, smooth, and firm. So you can say goodbye to the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and under-eye puffiness.
★ INTENSE HYDRATION ★ Hyaluronic acid provides fast, lasting hydration and helps your skin retain moisture to keep it supple and healthy. It’s gentle enough for all skin types, and effective enough to deeply replenish your skin. Rose essence and oat peptide provide even more hydration and soothing for tired skin, making this the best eye mask for dark circles and puffy eyes.
★ NATURAL INGREDIENTS ★ Our under eye patches are infused with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to nourish and restore skin. Vitamin C brightens your skin, erases dark spots, and prevents premature aging. Rose essence hydrates, cleanses, and softens skin, and oat peptide helps keep skin firm and reduces wrinkles.
★ RISK-FREE GUARANTEE ★ If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase, so you can try our masks at no risk to yourself making us the perfect solution for your under eye bag treatment! Revive your tired eyes and take your skin from exhausted to energized!

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