Vitamin C Serum for Face | With Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, & Vitamin E | Natural Anti Aging & Wrinkle Facial Serum, Best Vitamin C Serum for your Skin (PH 5.5 for all skin types)


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Zone – 365 Active Vitamin C Serum is a revolutionized formulation of Vitamin C concentration combining 4 powerful antioxidants – Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Retinol, all in a single potent solution. This Vitamin C serum serves as an effective beauty and face serum. It acts as a dark spot corrector for face and one of the best dark spot remover created. It plays a vital role in skin care and works tremendously in as an age spot remover for face, as a hyperpigmentation treatment for dark skin and a vitamin c serum for face. It is also highly efficient as an eye serum. This organic vitamin C serum is a wonderful anti wrinkle serum and a vitamin C moisturizer for face. As an anti-aging product, it generally acts as a skin brightening serum for face, working its way on dark spots. Our product is one of the best vitamin C serums in the market. It transforms dull, dry and lifeless skin to young and fresh looking. Vitamin C serum penetrates the cells and renew its elasticity and strength. Zone – 365 Active Vitamin C Serum has a special formulation of Vitamin C Serum 25% with Hyaluronic Acid 11%, Vitamin E 2%, Retinol 2.5%. It also includes herbal infusion and botanical blends to keep our serum gentle on skin even on sensitive ones. It has a PH level of 5.5 that matches the skin’s normal PH Level to avoid irritations and harsh reactions unlike other products that have harmful side effects. Our Vitamin C Serum is water-based serum that can work well alongside other beauty solutions so it is very convenient to use. It also has the stability with its ideal formulation and concentration and potency is intact by keeping it in a cool dry place. This Vitamin C Serum effectively deals fine lines, wrinkles, dry and dull skin, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, dark circles around the eyes and others. This is also a natural protection from harmful UV rays.ANTI-AGING VITAMIN C SERUM FOR FACE : Slow down photo aging and strengthen skin with Zone – 365 Active Vitamin C Serum. It works as an effective beauty treatment and a face serum without harsh reactions. It is pure and concentrated vitamin C that plays a major role in the remedy of acne, discoloration, blackheads, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation that are common symptoms of aging.
HYDRATING FACE AND SKIN: As you grow older, the skin loses its vitality, leaving it dull, dry and dehydrated. The Zone – 365 Active Vitamin C Serum contains herbal infusion and botanical blend that helps fight against wrinkles and spots. Including Vitamin C Serum in your daily regimen helps add moisture on face and skin. Topically apply the vitamin c serum on face and skin and notice the effect in 2 weeks. It instantly nourishes the skin and helps to retain its natural glow.
PH LEVEL 5.5 PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Zone – 365 Vitamin C Serum has a PH Level of 5.5 matching the body’s normal PH level and making it perfect for all skin types. It works perfectly even on sensitive skin. It is a completely harsh-free serum that is ideal on thin skin while extremely effective on thick skin as it balances the acidity and controls oil production on dry skin, making it soft with a youthful glow. This Vitamin C Serum perfectly works as a skin toner too!
HELPS WITH COLLAGEN FORMATION: Vitamin C is responsible for collagen synthesis. Boosting your skin and body with Vitamin C Serum will enhance the natural formation of collagen that is the number one component for connecting tissues for skin health. This organic Zone – 365 Vitamin C Serum is highly desirable to rejuvenate and improve overall skin health.
RISK-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Only Zone-365/Ubiquitous offers All-Natural and Healthy Products. If You Are Not Completely Satisfied with our Vitamin C Serum, Simply Contact Us And We Will Give You A Full Refund, No Questions Asked!

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