Unique AntiAging Techniques to Live Beyond 100 years via Newly Discovered Secret: QI Gong and Taoist discoveries made by the Institute for Solar Studies, Santa Monica, CA


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read the first 3 chapters free at: www.mightyz.com/emerald_keys.html This publication is a research study from 8 years of practicing the anti aging exercise shown in the 36,000 year old tablet The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Key to Life and Death. Since 2012, the Solar Institute has written over 17 books, many on longevity and wellness. Total Number of Pages: 241 Partial Listing of Book Chapters: Introduction Published Scientific Studies of QI Gong and their Numerous Health Benefits Chapter 1 – A Brief Synopsis of the Emerald Tablets Explaining the Revitalizing Energy that Comes From the Practicing the Emerald Tablets Exercise What is Geomagnetic Energy? The Human Body is a Magnet Why The Color Green Relates to Immortality Chapter 2 – How do I Perform the Emerald Tablets Exercise? Chapter 3 – Locations where Revitalization Energy is generated inside the Body Why is this Energy Stronger from Late Fall to Early Spring? Chapter 4 – Energetic Peaks According to the Hour of the Day QI Energy Flow Variation According to the Hours of the Day and Seasons What are the 12 earthly branches? The Ten Heavenly Stems How will I know if I have performed the Exercise Correctly? Chapter 5 – Tips to Improving the Revitalization Energies Using Coherence for Anti-Aging Chapter 6 – The North and South Positions of the Emerald Tablets Exercise Chapter 7 – Physical, Health and Mental Restorative Effects Foods that Boost the Regenerative Effects Chapter 8 – Techniques that Enhance the Revitalization Energies Food Combinations to Take After the Emerald Tablets Exercise Chapter 9 – Time Anomalies and Effects Our DNA as a Hologram Chapter 10 – Scientific Evidence of Gamma Rays Rejuvenating the Human Body The PhotoElectric Effect and Anti-Aging The Great Pyramid and Cygnus Chapter 11 – How the Constellation Cygnus Contributes to Enhanced Revitalization Chapter 12 – An examination of the Particles being emitted from Cygnus Chapter 13 – How to Detect Negative Energies when performing the Exercise Chapter 14 – Beneficial Environments to Perform the Emerald Tablets Exercise Best Soil Surfaces to Perform the Exercise Chapter 15 – How to build a device to amplify the Revitalization Chapter 16 – Moon Phases that Enhance Revitalization Qigong According to Phases of Moon Chapter 17 – Ancient Egyptian QI Gong and the Microcosmic Orbit A Simple Exercise to Experience the Microcosmic Orbit How to Befriend A Tree and Connect with Its Energy Chapter 18 – Geomagnetic Activity and the Exercise Using Earth’s Geomagnetic Energy for Revitalization How to Use Solar Electrons for Revitalization How to Find Beneficial Solar Activity for Revitalization A Summary of Optimal Solar Conditions to perform the Exercise Chapter 19 – Internal Critical Mass and Revitalization How to Achieve Critical Mass Yin and Yang Energy Flow Variation According to Day and Season Chapter 20 – Methods for Using the Revitalization Light For Healing Chapter 21 – Can The Right Levels of Solar Energy Cause Instant Healing? Chapter 22 – Taoist Techniques of Physical Immortality Chapter 23 – How to Tune into Energy from the Big Dipper Chapter 24 – How to Tap Into The Energy Of The North Star Chapter 25 – How to Practice Planetary Qi Gong for Healing and Wellness Using the 12 Earthy Branches for healing Chapter 26 – The 12 Earthly Branches Re-Examined Chapter 27 – The 60 Year Chinese Zodiac Chapter 28 – An In-Depth Examination of the Restorative Energy Emitted from Cygnus Chapter 29 – The Grand Cycle and the 12 Constellations Chapter 30 – Gamma Rays, Climate Change and Evolution Chapter 31 – Ancient Cultures who used the Energies from Cygnus Chapter 32 – Four documented cases of people who live without food using prana as their food source Chapter 33 – Longevity Masters

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