The Ultimate Secret of Staying Young: Your Guide to Living Long and Staying Strong (Anti-Aging, Anti-Aging Secrets, Anti-Aging Diets Book 1)


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Back in 2009, Monica Bellucci graced the cover of Elle Magazine France, and there was no other word to describe her cover but WOW. This is the ‘kind of wow’ that could make any girl or any boy’s jaw drop so low out of astonishment, envy, and disbelief. After all, the beautiful actress is 50 this year.
Ms. Bellucci’s bare face disarrayed hair, simple white top — these have all proven that the idea of aging gracefully is not just the product of the pigments of our imagination. Aging is natural, and there are ways to make it naturally graceful as well. However, there are elements of truth about aging that we need to deal with.
No, I hate to say, but I am starting off by stating the obvious – the so-called ‘Fountain of Youth’ has never been found, and it will NEVER be found. Unfortunately, for most of us, we can never be as glamorous as Monica Belluci, Heidi Klum, George Clooney and very few others who have successfully defied age. So what’s the point here? ….

Well, this is, with all honesty, not a magic book. You will not come across with some magical chants that will make you wake up tomorrow -looking all hot and attractive. Your skin, just like mine or Monica’s, will wrinkle, discolor, and sag. Keeping your weight as you age becomes more like a torture. You will probably hear some odd comments about your appearance. Sad to say, the world is harsh, and that you will find yourself looking at the mirror one day with a dash of bitterness in your heart.
So how did Monica Bellucci do it? Why do certain individuals tend to exist as though they were wine produced in the best spots in France? Why do they look better as they age? Is It just about having good genes? Is it too late for us to dream for a better version of ourselves? These are probably just among the long list of questions you have in mind right now.
This book will walk you through the realities of aging, and how to cope with them. More importantly, this book aims to make you understand the what has to be done in order for you to age gracefully, age better, and age smarter.
If you are ready to fully comprehend the onset of the changing you would feel and see as you age, then by all means, starting flipping the page.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Bridging the Natural Aging Process and Nutrition
  • Break Away from Free Radicals Through Dietary Changes
  • Cell Death by Sugar Intake
  • Go Organic and Feel Fantastic
  • Super Foods that Zap the Aging Process
  • Lucky 10: Your 10 10-Minute Dishes that will Make You 10 Years Younger
  • Whip Some Anti-Aging Drinks, too!

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