The Ultimate Guide to Antiaging – Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks: Discover the Inside Story from an Ex-Nurse about Anti-aging Diet Strategies and Anti-Aging Tips for Skincare


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The Ultimate Guide to Antiaging – Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks The inside story from an ex-nurse on antiaging diet strategies and antiaging tips for skincare The message at the very heart of the book is this – that our skin is the mirror of our overall health, and the only way to keep your skin looking radiant, regenerated and relaxed is from the inside out, not from expensive anti ageing creams which only temporarily mask the problems of ageing, rather like papering over the cracks in a wall. It is pointless wasting your hard-earned cash on expensive lotions and potions to plaster on top of dull, lifeless or poorly nourished skin, because as you have now covered up the blemish you are blind to the rot that continues to eat away underneath. This is the most important fundamental concept of good skincare. Not all of the subject matter in this book is new, however its approach is inspirational, showing you not only what and how, but also why – information often given scanty consideration in other books and publications relating to antiaging and skincare, but which level of understanding is crucial to your long-term success. You will discover: •The fascinating world that is your skin, and what makes it tick – information that is crucial to you making an informed decision about any aspect of your lifestyle/antiaging skincare •How and Why wrinkles develop in your once flawless skin, and 15 major factors (there could be one or two you hadn’t thought of) that can accelerate the rate of your skin’s natural aging process by as much as 100%. If this doesn’t shock you into action then nothing will! •NICHE SECRET REVEALED! The one underlying issue which is the fundamental key to all your health and beauty issues – the holistic link between every system and organ in your body that affects both your health and looks at the most fundamental level. Address this and everything else will fall into place. Want to know what it is? You will find the answer in Section One… •The underground world of Free Radicals clearly explained: how the ensuing state of emergency in your body leaves the pathways to aging and disease wide open, and how the power to break this chain of destruction lies in your hands and your hands alone. Discover lots of antiaging tips and antiaging diet strategies to help you do this •How the 4 most compelling emotions of women with regard to their looks are shamelessly exploited by large skincare companies, whose clever advertising cons them into buying products that – for a very specific reason which you’ll later discover – cannot possibly do what they claim. Read Section Two to find out why… •The frightening truths behind botox and cosmetic surgery – how they can become an obsession, a lifetime’s commitment. And for what? Discover the answer to this in Section Two… •How chemicals used in oven cleaners and anti-freeze are turning up in organic skincare – and how instead, you can boost your skin’s natural properties to tighten and tone from within •NICHE SECRET REVEALED! Why applying daily moisturizer can actually be a death sentence for your skin (this is not what you think, and is intended to slightly agitate your ideas about skincare and antiaging!) •The truth about what’s in most of the processed and packaged food you buy, and what big-brand food companies don’t tell you about their so-called “healthy” products in the name of profit. Over time these will seriously damage both your health and the integrity of your skin. Discover dozens of antiaging diet tips to help support your skin from the inside •Those foods that are the lifeline of young, beautiful and supple skin – together with a host of ideas and suggestions as to how you can easily incorporate them as a “quick fix” in your everyday routine •Exactly what you need to do to future-proof your skin and turn that ageing process belly-up:- Beautiful results in a matter of weeks Beautiful skin that will last a lifetime

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