The Secret Method for Growing Younger: My Journey Through Alzheimer’s to the Fountain of Youth Using the Law of Attraction (Volume 1)


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This new version of The Secret Method for Growing Younger is updated and expanded! What’s not new is The Law of Attraction, one of the Universal Laws that has governed the entire cosmos since the beginning of creation. Today, scientific discoveries are revealing what many wise teachers and healers have taught for centuries: our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. Like gravity, the Law of Attraction works whether we believe in it or not, and whether we use it knowingly or not. This cosmic law says that our minds are very powerful and what we focus on, with emotion, becomes our reality. In a nutshell: You are what you think. Quantum physicists have found, to their complete surprise, that matter is affected by thought, a discovery that rocked the boat for the scientific community. Scientists have since peered into the life of our trillions of cells and found that they are actually responding to our thoughts and beliefs. What we say to ourselves about who we are and how we age does matter! Ellen Wood discovered that truth after her mother wasted away with Alzheimer’s and she started on the same path of progressive cognitive decline, loss of vitality and depression. Then in 2004 Ellen “woke up” and developed a program of Mind Body Spirit techniques which she practiced (and continues practicing) daily. It worked! She reversed memory loss and re-gained energy, exuberance and joie de vivre. Even though Ellen has the dreaded APO-e4 Alzheimer’s gene, she knows the mind can turn genes on and off and her daily practices are keeping that gene from expressing again. The Secret Method for Growing Younger – My Journey Through Alzheimer’s to the Fountain of Youth Using the Law of Attraction is Volume 1 of Ellen’s self help, anti-aging program and is endorsed by noted physicians and experts, including the world-renowned author, speaker and spiritual teacher, Marianne Williamson. This book lays the mental and spiritual foundation for rejuvenation. The Secret Method for Growing Younger was previously published as Think and Grow Young. Winner of the Gold Nautilus Book Award, The Secret Method for Growing Younger, Volume 1, provides vital first steps. The other volumes contain complete instructions for all the habits which transformed her life. “Ellen Wood provides a powerful and inspiring model for living a joyful, energized life at any age.” – Marianne Williamson, internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher and author of 7 New York Times bestsellers.

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