The Paleo Anti-Ageing Ketogenic Cookbook : Free 3 Week Menu Plan (Health and Fitness – Diet and Nutrition – PALEO ANTI-AGING)


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The Paleo Anit-Ageing Ketogenic Cookbook Recipes focus on rewarding the follower of the latest advances in smart nutrition with a host of truly delicious eating experiences that will transform every meal into a feast for the taste-buds. Now you can look forward to eating the very best food for your body, knowing that you’re transforming your weight and health profile in the most natural way possible, and enjoying the process with every single mouthful of healthy, delicious food.
The Recipes have been inspired by a dedicated nutritionist and wellbeing specialist who believes that everyone deserves the chance to experience a healthier, stronger, fitter and happier life. Not through some miracle drug or surgical procedure. Simply by letting your body do exactly what it evolved to do. And she’s a living, breathing example of how powerful the method can be.
Ketosis causes your body to switch from using glucose as its primary source of fuel to running on ketones. Ketones themselves are produced when the body burns fat, and they’re primarily used as an alternative fuel source when glucose isn’t available.
In other words, in the simplest and most dramatic way of summing up the process, your body changes from a sugar-burner to a fat-burner. Depending on your current diet and lifestyle choices, becoming keto-adapted can take as little as a few days and or as much as several weeks. In some cases it’s even taken months. So “being in ketosis” just means that you are burning fat. You might need some good, old-fashioned, patience and persistence but the range of benefits absolutely justifies the effort as you pursue ketosis.
Here are some of the many health benefits that come from being in ketosis: (DISCLAIMER – Some of these benefits may be hampered by poor health and lifestyle choices in other areas than diet!)
¬Natural hunger and appetite control
¬Effortless weight loss and maintenance
¬Mental clarity
¬Sounder, more restful sleep
¬Normalized metabolic function
¬Stabilized blood sugar and restored insulin sensitivity
¬Lower inflammation levels
¬Feelings of happiness and general well-being
¬Lowered blood pressure
¬Increased HDL (good) cholesterol
¬Reduced triglycerides
¬Lowered or eliminated small LDL particles (bad cholesterol)
¬Ability to go twelve to twenty-four hours between meals
¬Use of stored body fat as a fuel source
¬Endless energy
¬Eliminated heartburn
¬Better fertility
¬Prevention of traumatic brain injury
¬Increased sex drive
¬Improved immune system
¬Slowed aging due to reduction in free radical production
¬Improvements in blood chemistry
¬Optimized cognitive function and improved memory

This Unique Recipe Book will provide you with the following benefits
*** You will not miss grains with these unique and tasty ideas
*** Your body will not feel the normal inflammatory response from other foods
*** You will not be eating any gluten which is a major source of inflammatory reaction
*** These recipes will discourage fat storage
*** You will be avoiding sugars – one of the most addictive and damaging substances in the human diet
*** Higher good quality fat consumption produces more efficient fat-burning
*** The Paleo Ketogenic Diet’s Natural foods are really rich in micro-nutrients providing excellent health
The Recipes support the new super-healthy lifestyle by providing a fabulous choice of foods and flavours that will make every mealtime a celebration of the true gifts of health and well being. The weight falls away. Naturally. Energy levels soar. Naturally. Brain function improves. Naturally. The body flushes out long-held toxins. Naturally. You look better. You feel better. From the inside out. And your clothes will show you how quickly your body is burning off the excess fat.
Download the Paleo Ketogenic Recipe Book today and enjoy the miracle of the PKE Recipes. Experience a level of health and fitness that will truly amaze you. Because you d

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