The Fountain of Youth: Learn to Talk to Your Cells and Extend Your Life


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Lying dormant in your DNA is a hidden template for immortality, its secrets known only to your body’s cells. By learning to communicate with your body’s innate intelligence, you can activate this immortality template and reverse the aging process. Contemporary approaches to halting or reversing aging always involve something physical—creams, lotions, pills, diets, yoga positions, stem cell injections. Such anti-aging remedies may benefit for a time, but ultimately they all fail. The fact is, your body is a product of your consciousness, and in the end, you will age according to your beliefs and expectations. Scientists have seen hints of immortality in the activity of the enzyme telomerase, but the secrets of ‘youthing’ are held in the intelligence of the body’s cells. In this book, you will learn how to open a line of communication to your cells, so you can give them the instructions they are waiting for to rejuvenate your body. Once set in motion, cellular rejuvenation and eternal youth become your body’s default mode.

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