The Do’s and Don’ts When Treating Acne


Having smooth, glowing skin is everyone’s wish, but some of us are unlucky to fit in this category. Acne development at the puberty stage seems normal. But the worry builds up when you are still fighting with pimples and whiteheads while in your 20’s.

First, you should know it’s normal to develop acne in your adult ages. They occur due to bacterial infection, stress, excess oils, and hormonal changes like puberty acne. The good news is, acne is treatable, there are products which can help treat acne and solutions to acne spots.

Acne Treatment Do’s

  • Visit a physician/dermatologist

Dermatologists are “skin doctors,” and this should be the first person you think of when you want to start an acne treatment plan. The doctor has a good understanding of skin science. Therefore, it’s easier to get the right product recommendation when you have acne problems instead of relying on guesswork. For example, Skinora doctors assist their clients in taking a skin type test and using the result to give the best prescription.

  • Be consistent with your treatment routine

When you have a skincare routine, it’s your responsibility to remain consistent when applying the products. Make sure you use a product for more than three weeks before changing it and report the progress to your doctor.

  • Obey your doctor’s instructions

Your doctor will recommend a suitable treatment plan. Afterward, you have to follow his instructions to the latter for positive results. These include; the amount of product to apply and frequency of application.

  • Change products when you can’t see progress

There are different causes of acne, e.g., hormonal acne and stress-related acne. When the treatment plan isn’t showing progress results within 4-6 wks., you need to change the products. A doctor would decide to combine products that counter the effect of multiple causing agents.

  • Use water-based cleanser

Cleansing is a critical step in skincare that helps improve skin glow. Water-based cleansers are advisable when you are treating acne. They are gentle on the skin and eliminates oil clogging on the pores.

Acne Treatment Don’ts

  • Don’t squeeze whitehead/ pimples

Popping the pimples leaves then open and get easily infected. When you squeeze, you increase the chances of scarring and increase the healing period.

  • Don’t sleep with makeup

Sleeping with makes up increases the possibility of acne development. Makeup clogs the skin pores, alters the natural healing and repairing process of the skin cells. Skin can’t exfoliate when covered with makeup.

  • Avoid oily skincare products

Moisturizers, sunscreen, and cleansers with oil compounds are discouraged when you are dealing with acne. The oily product clog pores and clogging increase acne grow.

  • Don’t scrub

Acne-prone skin should be treated gently and with care. Don’t be too rough washing and drying your skin. Refrain from using body scrubs as the roughness increase the acne problems.

Bottom Line

The skin is a sensitive organ and responds to what we feed it. The secret to treating acne is using genuine products with the help of professionals and maintaining self-discipline with the treatment plan. Visit the Skinora brands website and get the best skin products.

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