The Autophagy Diet: Remove Toxicity and Provide Energy to Obtain A Rapid Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Process Through Ketogenic Diet, Intermittent Fasting and Extended Water By Agatha Franklin


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The benefits of autophagy are becoming widespread news, from anti-aging properties to disease treatment and prevention and long-term weight loss.

This book explores the pathways that we can use to adapt and bring about a state of autophagy, including the basic science and mechanisms of its process:

  • The basic science of how autophagy works to “clean” our bodies and rejuvenate cells

  • How the process of autophagy is intricately linked to our diet and how we eat and live

  • The risks and benefits of the autophagy diet: navigating around the risks and deciding if it is right for you

  • Reasons to choose autophagy and how it can improve your quality of life

Intermittent fasting and ketogenic or low carb eating can play an important how in how our bodies can reach a stage of autophagy within a relatively short period of time. The fascinating science behind this process can be experienced while learning about the many options that will lead to autophagy, including:

  • Long and short-term fasting

  • Reducing carbohydrates and sugars in your diet and achieving ketosis

  • Combining exercise and carb cycling with intermittent fasting

  • Various enhancements, tips and ideas to bring about autophagy sooner

This book will guide you through the process of autophagy and how our bodies move from one stage to another before it occurs. In essence, we can navigate and control more of what happens inside our bodies than we realize!

Achieving a balanced diet in combination with fasting is easier than ever when there are simple food options and recipes that can be easily added to our way of life, including:

  • An ideal list of basic food items that can fit any budget, low carb diet

  • Easy-to-prepare and modify recipes that can be adjusted to add, replace, or omit ingredients to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions and requirements.

  • Intermittent fasting schedules to use a guide on a weekly basis, as well as a daily meal and food planning around a fasting schedule

  • The benefits of fasting at all stages, even prior to the beginning stages of autophagy, and the best ways to approach each plan for success

Everyone has different goals in life, and dietary goals are one of the most important. By using the right tools, resources, and ideas, achieving autophagy means more than one goal, but rather the beginning of a new, healthier body and mind that can provide much more:

  • How autophagy prevents many diseases and chronic conditions and provides treatments and relief from their symptoms

  • Cognitive function and brain health: the benefits of high-quality cellular rejuvenation through autophagy

  • Weight loss and maintenance for the long-term

  • Treatment of disease and disorders

  • Strengthening the immune system and keeping viruses, infections and other problems from developing

  • Improving gut health and your digestive system

All of these benefits, including significant improvements in slowing down the aging process and how this works through autophagy, are far more achievable and available than ever before. Your body, mind, and well being can benefit now and year into the future from the autophagy diet.

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