Supercharge Your Heart In Seconds: The Simple Rochlitz Breakthrough for Anti-Aging, Heart Health, Blood Pressure, Fatigue, Maximum Athletic Performance, and M.S.


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Prof. Rochlitz, in 1985, coined the term “Dyslexic Heart” and shows, in this book, how his 3 Rochlitz Heart Integration Exercises can immediately correct this imbalance and thereby immediately improve stamina and stretch, normalize blood pressure. and help those who have M.S.—and perhaps help people to live to their 90’s, like many music conductors have.The book reveals how the author solved the centuries old riddle of music conductors longevity, and indeed has improved upon the Maestro’s Exercise with two even better (and original Rochlitz) exercises with the arms and legs that can immediately afford greater improvement in stamina, stretch, blood pressure normalization and M.S. improvement. This work is great for athletes to do before and/or after their exercise or sport activity. Even long term yoga practitioners were able to immediately improve their stretch that decades of yoga did not. Reader feedback from those who did the 3 Rochlitz Heart Integration Exercises proves that BP normalization and an M.S. patient quickly going from poor walking to rapid running are stated in this book. The latter was witnessed by a Seminar group consisting of 70 people including 30 physicians in Germany. Later, the founder of Applied kinesiology, Dr. George Goodheart congratulated Prof. Rochlitz for his discoveries and health benefits of his methods.This book is a great breakthrough for heart health, longevity, athleticism, Multiple Sclerosis and more.

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