Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle with These 5 Tips


It’s fun to take a ride on your motorcycle but always be sure you take safety measures. When riding, your safety is the most important thing since it’s impossible to predict an accident.

Also, motorcycles do not have an exterior shell that can provide protection, like vehicles, which is a course for extreme safety measures. You can use the following five tips to stay safe on your motorcycle.

Check the Status of Your Breaks Before You Hit the Road

You want to make sure your breaks are working before you get on the road. The purpose of adequate breaks is to allow you to come to a sudden stop where necessary. For example, if an animal or person suddenly appears on the road, your brakes should allow you to stop immediately. Also, you might lose control when at high speeds, and good brakes may help you slow down and attempt to take control. It is dangerous to ride with faulty brakes. It is a risk to your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road.

Use Appropriate Safety Gear

There are many benefits to wearing a helmet while riding, such as protecting your head in case of an accident. You should also get other gear like gloves, boots, and knee pads. These are intended to protect all the sensitive areas of your body. Also, get a leather jacket and jeans every time you go out for a ride. Jackets will protect you from getting nasty bruises in case your bike crashes. Also, riding a bike exposes you to strong winds that could lead to severe medical conditions like asthma or pneumonia. The jacket will play a significant role in ensuring your chest is safe from such exposures. You can always check the nearest motorcycle store for quality motorcycle leather gear.

Observe Traffic Rules and Follow the Recommended Speed Limit

Follow the traffic rules, especially in urban areas where motorcycles and other motorized vehicles are in large numbers. A motorcyclist must always be cautious when driving and not go faster than the speed limit. Traffic rules are not there to punish you or slow you down. They are intended to ensure everyone is safe on the road, and they can reach their destination. Also, if possible, ensure you follow a safer route with less traffic to avoid accidents. There are always routes with less traffic that you can use rather than stick to an overcrowded path with high chances of being in an accident.

Check the Conditions of Your Tires

Your tires are responsible for the safest ride possible. You must have proper tire pressure and wear tread on your tires. The two things that help you maintain the safety of your ride are proper tire pressure and threads. Some biking experts believe the most common cause of road accidents is poor tire conditions. If your tire is worn out and low in pressure, it could lead to bad braking control and increase your risk of crashes. Visit a bike mechanic to review the condition of your tires and, if necessary, replace them with new ones.

Plan for the Weather

Check the weather status before you leave your home with your bike. If there are high chances of rain, dress in a waterproof jacket with a hood, long pants, boots, and gloves. These will help you stay safe during such weather. Also, if you are sure it will rain, you will need to slow down because most roads get slippery during a heavy downpour. It is also possible that your visibility will not be clear enough, so use your bike lights all the time. If you have a reflector jacket, use it as it will help other motorists identify you on the roads.


Besides the tips mentioned above, it is essential to conduct a thorough inspection of your bike before getting on the road. The things you should check regularly include mirrors, lights, brakes, and tire pressure. Also, walk around your bike and check for any loose bolts or leakages that may cause problems. You can also start the engine and make short forward and backward movements as you observe the bike. If anything feels out of the ordinary, run additional tests until you are sure the bike is fit to be on the road.

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