Skin Health: Surgical Alternatives to Healthy Skin, Anti-aging and Scar Revision


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A Skin-Health Pioneer in surgical alternatives to healthy skin, anti-aging and scar revision discusses the facts and fiction for skin health maintenance for long term results. Inspired to self-treat his own severe bouts of acne, Danne Montague-King discusses his 50 years of research: “Human cells will not accept what is not recognized as workable fuel. I look at the care of skin in term of functionality, and hormonal fluctuation. Acne starts in the hypothalamus gland and cortisol levels contribute to many skin problems. If you don’t start the treatment there, you’re wasting time and money.” Danne was the first scientist in his field to recognize the power of enzymes in skin treatment such as its ability to hydrolyze dead skin cells and not enzymes in the products, but the idea of stimulating the many enzymes already IN the skin and body that orchestrate everything. “The human body is a bag of fluids containing chemicals that are orchestrated by enzymes and held together with electromagnetic waves; it’s the basic intelligence of treating skin,” says King.

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