Six Important Steps in Lifestyle Design


If it is your first time seeing the word, or you are wondering what exactly “Lifestyle Design” means then let us enlighten you on this topic and how you can start and design your own lifestyle however you want.

When you think about this term “lifestyle design” what pops up in your mind? Living a life of your own choices? Living an independent, self-decorated life with your own values?

As time goes, you change, your choices change, the values of your life change. These things do not always remain the same, and you start to realize it gradually.

Once you completely recognize that, you give yourself time and space to absorb, grow and design your life accordingly with your important values and dreams.

It’s a gradual process that helps in pursuing better self-awareness through building new habits, new passion, self-care, self-training that will let you achieve your goal, your dream life.

These all are the small steps that you can take to achieve your goal of getting a healthy lifestyle design. But for that, you need to find your life purpose. As humans, we all are searching for the meaning of life, for the answers to the “Who are you?”, “Why do you live?”, “What is your favorite thing to do?”, “Your life goals?” questions. These are all the questions that you should ask yourself before embarking on your journey of getting your life properly shaped. Also, You have to be consistent, hard-working, and ambitious to help you build your life comprehensively.

By considering all these conditions, you can start your “movement” to find your purpose in life to get a relevant lifestyle.

In this article, we have discussed some steps or processes on how you can be a better lifestyle designer.

Evaluate the Aspects of Life

You will not be effective in evaluating your life if you do not realize the problem in the first place. So taking inventory is a major step to help you realize the main values and purpose of your life. So the first step is to identify which areas of your life are not working well or which one needs more attention and better care.

If you divide the aspects of your life, you will get 8 main aspects of your life which are :


In this part, you have to assess your mood, energy, diet, sleep, feelings, etc.


What are your relationships with your family, friends, your partner, your boss, your colleagues, and how satisfied and happy you are with all of these relationships, you need to evaluate.


You also need to check your surroundings, where are you living, your home, your neighbors, the environment, etc.


Are you satisfied with your job? Is the money sufficient for your living? Or is your business running smoother? Are you happy with your career strategy?

Note down these things too.


How much money are you saving for a purpose? Or investing to start a new business? Track your daily expenses too.


Do you have enough time for self-care? Do you read every day to boost your knowledge? Or are you joining a new course or coaching? Track all the things in which you are investing your precious time for all this personal growth.

Entertainment of Life

What do you do to make your life joyful? What are those things you do to entertain yourself? Note down all your hobbies whether it is traveling or painting, even experimenting with your stuff.


What are your beliefs in spirituality? Do you have any religion? Do you meditate to calm your soul down?

If you evaluate all these 8 aspects of your life properly, you have drawn a circle of your life.

Queue all aspects according to your life

Once you’ve finished evaluating the 8 assessments of your life, the second important step is to prioritize the assessments in which of them you want to work on or invest your energy.

We recommend you first work on those areas in which you are not doing well.

These parts of your life need more care, but if you are not prepared yet to deal with those parts of your life, take your time, or you can go instinctively.

Visualize your dream lifestyle

The next step will be to visualize the lifestyle you want to design. Now that you have prioritized your life aspects, your next task will be to visualize your life beforehand.

What would your dream life be like? How would you design? To make the task easy we recommend you create your own vision board. Vision boards can really help to bring joy and desire to get up and make your life better, even just by making a beautiful vision board and seeing it every day makes you instantly happy.

If you don’t know how to create vision boards check to get a brief idea, or you can check YouTube tutorials to make a vision board, hundreds of videos are available.

Visualizing is a very important process in lifestyle design to know how you want your dream life to be and how to stay focused.

Plan Accordingly

When you are done with all the initial and tough steps, the next step will be planning, which is the most important step for any good design.

Planning will help you to give all your visions and ideas a proper map, which you have to follow to design your targeted lifestyle. For that you are recommended to use a lifestyle design planner where you can write down your plans, schedule, or decorate with beautiful graphics or images to make it more appealing.

Invest Correctly

In order to commit to a particular goal, you need to evaluate your readiness. Since we already mentioned before, that you are not ready to invest in a specific area of your life, then go intuitively. But if you want to work on only those weak parts, in spite of

it being tough for you, you need to commit or plan an action. So choose the parts that you feel ready to work on.

Be Apparent

The last step of the Lifestyle Design Process will be to make sure whatever you envisioned, planned till now is clear to you. All this planning will bring your imagination into reality with the proper action.

Author Bio: Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc.

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