SELF-HEALING FASTING CURE omad intermittent ketogenic metabolism AUTOPHAGY RESET DIETS help to fix THYROID HORMONES: clarity in natural health anti-aging … for beginner (NATURE OF EXISTENCE Book 1)


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Book Description

This book gives you the right knowledge about fasting and will avoid to give you recipes for diets at all. But when you finish the book, there is no doubt that you will fast without fear and you will find the right way to fast and you will choose the right diet for you personally.

Fasting and Health cannot be understood without a solid understanding of what happens when you eat and when you don’t eat. We are going to explore the possible etiologies of the present nutritional landscape and how you figure out on your own how to evaluate diet.

The basic premise is that the human body is designed to heal itself. For thousands of years, fasting has been recommended to enhance the reparative functions and is a natural and necessary function of the body in order to maintain homeostasis. Recorded human history is reviewed to see what may have changed to precipitate the epidemic of the nutritional disease in the last fifty years.

A detailed review of weight loss is provided with an analysis of what is really happening with the mind and body and relates to diet and fasting. The various varieties of fasting are explained and how they fit into overall health.

This book assumes you have common sense. It also assumes your body is designed to both heal itself and survive under various conditions. It is going to teach you the difference between reducing calories, lowering your carbohydrates, getting into ketosis, and fasting and how you figure out on your own how to evaluate diet.

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