Secrets of Our Asian Sisters: Health,Beauty,Diet and Etiquette (Asian Beauty, Korean 10 step skincare, Korean Beauty,Asian Diet,Asian Weight loss Recipes,Asian Etiquette,Natural Beauty Tips.)


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Secrets of Our Asian Sisters:Health,Beauty,Diet and Etiquette

Gain Valuable Life Enhancing Information in this Wonderful little read
Cordelia Rose Darcy shares the Secrets of the Orient , her knowledge is based on travel and a love of the Asian Culture and it’s extremely healthy lifestyle. Asia is a world leader in Natural Health and Well being, this little book is packed with golden nuggets giving a valuable overview covering the Lifestyle from Beauty, Diet and a little on the elegant manners.
The author encourages you to look at your lifestyle in the Western World and incorporate a few of our Asian Sisters Secrets and the best bit is, most can be found in your larder and on your doorstep. Read about the korean facial and the 10 steps to flawless skin and on a completely different topic get to know the do’s and don’ts in Asian Etiquette, some of it might surprise you! Cordelia Rose Darcy likes to explore cultures and mannerisms before visiting and subsequently arms herself and reader with a few tips, perfect for business or pleasure trips. We are reminded to take the time to breathe, think of the elders you may have seen in the parks of Asia performing Tai Chi and really being mindful. Our world is full of technology and distractions and this is detrimental to our well being, this short read reminds us of some very simple techniques to take time for ourselves. Included are a few links to Asian Cooking to get you creative in the kitchen, great for controlling weight and generally eating healthier.
Enjoy, Explore and Take Action for a Healthier, Happier You.
Recommended Summer reading, take on vacation, perfect read on the plane. Quick and effective enjoyable reading that will add value to your wellbeing.

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