Run for Life: The Injury-Free, Anti-Aging, Super-Fitness Plan to Keep You Running to 100


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Want to run fast and injury-free for the next 50 years? In Run for Life, the co-author of Barefoot Running Step by Step lays out a comprehensive plan designed to help you do just that. L.A. Times fitness columnist and endurance athlete Roy M. Wallack says new muscle- and joint-preserving techniques and technologies put life-long running within everyone’s reach.  “Yes, you can run to 100,” he says. “And not merely live to 100 and shuffle along when you get there, but do what few, if any, have ever done: Actually run a 5k, 10k, or even a marathon on your 100th birthday.” Traveling the running world from Kenya to Tahiti and Boston to Badwater in search of super-fit running longevity, Wallack talks to top coaches, athletes, and researchers and synthesizes new running methods, products, and fitness regimens into a life plan for runners he summarizes as:  * Run Soft * Run Less * Run Stronger * Run Flexible * Run Straighter * Run Faster.
At the core of the  Run for Life plan is a one-two punch that addresses the two oft-ignored factors that cripple all runners: the natural muscle and VO2 Max deterioration that starts at age 35, and the joint deterioration caused by running itself. Featuring 10  oral-history interviews and advice from greats such as Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, Rod Dixon, Helen Klein, Laszlo Tabori, Bobbi Gibb, and Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Run for Life brims with innovations:
·Soft Running form: The proven way to cut knee-shock — and injuries — by 50%;
·Barefoot Running: Why it strengthens feet and can even eliminate impact.
·Vertical Arm Swing
: Why a perfect pendulum is faster and safer than  cross-chest swings;
·HGH Strength Training: Radical high-intensity exercises that fight aging and injury;
·Ultra Intervals
: Short, hard sprint workouts that cue muscle growth and instant speed gains;
·High-tech Water Running
: Joint-safe pool tools used to set the half-marathon world record;
·Runner-specific Yoga: Exclusive runner’s warm-up from famed multisport yogi Steve Ilg;
·Bionic Hips and Knees
: The operations rejuvenating broken-down Baby Boomer runners;
·Perfect running posture: Unique postural exercises to straighten you out and speed you up; 
·Runaway Weight Loss: Slight changes in diet timing that can cut fat and race times.

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