QI GONG OPENING THE 9 GATES: Health, Relaxation and Anti-Aging with only 12 Minutes Daily


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The circling exercises of the sequence presented in this book form a complete, beautiful and traditional set of Qi-Gong.
Gio Chu`en which is the original name, translates to “Opening the Nine Gates” and helps you im-prove your entire body, particularly your joints.
All the exercises are easy to learn and help you to quickly make your joints more flexible as well as strengthen your muscles, ligaments and tendons. This helps to make your whole body suppler so that the QI, i.e. life energy runs through it more smoothly and everything within you can come to a harmonious balance.
With as little as 12 (!) minutes of daily exercise, you can lay a new foundation for your health and fitness. The exercises presented herein can be done at any age (my oldest participant is currently 91 years of age), as well as in any personal state of fitness or health.

For me personally, Qi-Gong was an essential part of my own healing path, which I started to walk when I was very ill. These exercises really do help you become healthy and indeed put your life on healthy legs, which I can assure you from my own experience.
You want to boost your health? You want to rejuvenate both the body and the mind and become healthier? Then, clearly, this Qi-Gong book was clearly written for you. I have included several photos wearing everyday clothes. The purpose of this was to show you that you need neither fan-cy sportswear nor lots of time to get changed. On the contrary, you can start straight off at your desk or wherever you happen to be at the time. Everything may be as uncomplicated as possible. That’s true also for my videos! YOU CAN then complete the book with one or several teaching videos. Simply visit

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