Natural Eyelift – Natural Eye Lift How to Lift, Tighten Upper Lids & Reduce Puffy Under Eyes (Anti-Aging Natural Facelift Book 2)


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Upper Eye Lids Are The Easiest Facial Area to Lift!

Believe it or not, upper eye lids are one of the easiest areas of the face to lift. It just takes seconds daily to literally see your eyes become wider and brighter. Your friends will be asking if you’ve had an eye lift. “Others” will be whispering behind your back.

Puffy under eyes can be diminished with a little common sense. And provided you haven’t damaged the delicate under eye tissue, they can be vastly improved with this program. So…

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Julia Busch researches beauty in its broadest sense. A lifelong interest in health and well-being, she has written on a wide variety of topics, from TMJ, temporomandibular (jaw) joint, problems to facial massage techniques, to the “aging in a youth society dilemma.”

Ms. Busch has a certificate in aromatherapy and publishes the Anti-Aging Press. Former co-host of “Youthfully Yours” on Talk America, she enjoys sharing the information she garners in the area of holistic care and “youth extension.” Julia’s first anti-aging offering, Facelift Naturally, The At-Home or Anywhere, Painless, Natural Facelift for Men and Women That Really Works! employs acupressure to lift the face, while energizing the body. It was translated worldwide.

Writing for all ages, she uplifts the spirit in Look Younger Naturally! to erase “wrinkles on the inside” with “youth games,” “self-love games,” and stress releasing games for the hectic world we live in. Her Treat Your Face Like a Salad was selected by DoubleDay Health Book Club as a Featured Alternate under the title The Home Guide to Natural Beauty Care. It has also appeared in the Spanish translation Tratamientos Faciales Naturistas.

Julia’s diverse background includes the study of voice and opera at Juilliard School of Music; sculpture and art history at Columbia University and the University of Miami, Florida, where she also taught drawing and composition, teaching humanities at Miami Dade College as well. She authored A Decade of Sculpture: The Media of the 1960s; has written for the Art Journal and Ideas magazine; designed women’s clothing and fine jewelry, while at the same time researching plastic as an art form, contributing to books on the same subject, and writing the children’s art and sensitivity series How Many Ways?

Julia believes in living, loving, laughing, maintaining a dream, a youthful spirit and a holistic life-style.

Her total Facelift Naturally program (also available on kindle books) had Martin Merzer of The Miami Herald reporting, “Julia Busch… 53…she looks not a day over 25…”

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