Menopause Recipes for Health and Beauty: Delicous Food for Inner Warmth and Anti-Aging (Akiko’s Healthy Recipes Book 2)


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Menopause can harm your self confidence, throw you into depression, and even damage relationships with those most important to you.

But there’s hope beyond traditional hormone therapy, and it comes from Asia. Why do Japanese women have fewer and less-severe menopause symptoms?

Wouldn’t you agree that the best approach is the natural approach? Give food the chance to do what it was meant to do: nourish and heal your body. This is how the women of Japan have been using food for centuries.

Could it be that Japanese women experience fewer and less-severe menopause symptoms because of their diet? Dr. Akiko Sugahara, Ph.D. in Epidemiology from the University of Tokyo School of Medicine has addressed women’s health issues for more than three decades.

Read “Menopause Recipes for Health and Beauty”

Menopause Recipes for Health and Beauty by Dr. Akiko Sughara reveals how to turn back the clock so you can feel like your old self, and maybe even better than ever!

What’s Inside…

. The Five Food Colors and why you should commit them to memory

. A quick list of simple foods that fight those inconvenient, frustrating menopause symptoms

. 54 recipes for restoring hormone balance, mood, strength, and vitality

. How to avoid (or recover) from mid-life weight gain

. Feel energized and refreshed all day

. How to Deal with pesky varicose veins

. Drink recipes that will recharge your brain and nourish your body

. Got a sweet tooth? Ingenious recipes for satisfying treats that are nutritious and delicious

. The Top 5 menopause-fighting ingredients that every woman should know

. The foods that will warm your body and kick-start your mind

. The Yin and Yang of food and why it’s important to you

. Do you really know enough about menopause? Check your knowledge with these questions

. Do Black Foods hold the key to helping menopause symptoms?

. 10 practical ways to get menopause relief through food.

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