Menopause: 2 Books in 1, Dealing with Menopause and Aging Naturally (Going Through Menopause, Natural Anti Aging Diet and Techniques)


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Aging Naturally While Dealing With Menopause- Natural Alternatives and Treatments
Going through Menopause is a natural part of the aging process for women and it comes along with symptoms such as; changes in hormone levels, hot flashes, night sweats, loss of menstruation, mood swings, etc. This first book: Menopause- Signs, Symptoms, Natural Treatments & Remedies, will go over the different stages a women will experience throughout menopause and what natural & medical treatments are available to deal with them. This may be a trying time in your life, but this book can help you better understand what your body is going through!

What is the secret to looking and feeling younger? Is there a magical cream that can turn back time? How can we stay healthy and feel more youthful? Women have been searching for the answers to these questions for decades. In the second book: How To Look Younger, Eat Healthy, Feel Better and Reduce Wrinkles & Age Spots, you will get tips that will help improve your health and beauty by slowing down the process of aging and teaching you ways to improve the way you look and feel.

Women can approach menopause naturally, performing certain remedies and utilizing natural solutions which will deal with their body changes, while going through menopause. Some people choose to take care of menopause through medical treatments and medications—they may work in covering up the symptoms, but come with dangerous side effects such as developing cancer.

Proven lifestyle Changes From The Book Menopause: Natural Alternatives and Treatments

Your lifestyle can affect the intensity of the symptoms of menopause.The following are some of the things you can do which have scientific significance.

– Chiropractic Care: Most people associate Chiropractors only with back pain, but regular Chiropractic care can keep every system in your body working at its highest potential. A Chiropractor’s philosophy is to heal the body without medication, by keeping your spine and nervous system in proper alignment so your brain is able to communicate correctly with all the organs and systems throughout your body. By aligning the spine your chiropractor is giving your nervous system the best chance to deal with symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, etc.

– Breathing Exercises: You will learn deep breathing techniques through your yoga instructor. Deep breathing is a very effective relaxation technique. A number of the most disturbing symptoms of menopause can be regulated by mind conditioning and when you practice this, you can have more control over your symptoms.

After reading: Anti Aging-How to Look Younger, you will:

  • Learn what foods and supplements have anti aging properties to improve your all over health and vitality
  • Learn what habits are good to keep you feeling and looking younger
  • Have home remedies to treat wrinkles and age spots
  • Learn facial exercises to do at home to reduce wrinkles, instead of getting botox

As you can see this combo of 2 books has natural ways to treat aging and proven strategies to help you conquer menopause head on, with easy to follow, natural techniques and home remedies.

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