Longevity, the current & recent antiaging medicine, and clinical trials: Live longer and healthier than people were; are we going to have a new era?


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Current health strategy has usually concentrated on the treatment of diseases after its start within a general health-care system. The way is harsh for the people. The trend of expenditures in health care will nearly undoubtedly lead to massive rises in medical expenses, likely failing the national health insurance system. The flow of healthcare would be set to change, with more critical rank involved in preventive medicine. Thus, with its focus on aging, anti-aging medicine might play a vital character in preventive medicine. For example, there are two antiaging drugs (USA) and one antiaging nutraceutical (Japan) for the human clinical trials under the approvals by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and these tests are ongoing. The term for anti-aging clinical trials is the first time to be used approved by FDA for the clinical trial using metformin. The first example of this standard change is approval by FDA of the clinical trial for deciding the efficacy of metformin, in reducing the risk for aging-associated diseases. This book is intended to introduce these messages to ordinary people. Hopefully, people will have a better future.

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