Life Extension Sauna Handbook: The Ultimate Guide To Anti-Aging Saunas: Live Longer, Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, Totally Detox, Grow New Brain Cells, Increase Endurance


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This unique book is the work of life extension researcher and consultant, Ryker Black, aka. Dr. X.

Whether you are a simply a regular sauna user seeking to learn the absolute healthiest way to use the sauna, or are a dedicated life extension or anti-aging devotee, you will find this book to be full of highly relevant information. Furthermore, the information presented here will almost certainly transform the way that you currently use the sauna.

You will learn exactly how you can use the sauna as a tool to extend your healthy lifespan, helping to improve your chances of remaining free of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and many other common diseases. Of course the sauna by itself will not work miracles, it has got to be part of a healthy lifestyle in order to exert its maximum potential benefits. But if living a longer healthier life is your goal then the sauna, if used correctly, can provide you with a whole host of incredible anti-aging benefits.

In this book the author reveals a wealth of information that would be difficult to uncover without extensive research. He has saved you that trouble by documenting everything that you need to know in order to maximize the results from your sauna sessions. The information is presented in an easy to follow format and every single aspect of sauna use that can be optimized has been addressed. The author also uncovers common mistakes made by the vast majority of sauna users so that you won’t ever repeat those same mistakes again.

Of interest to many will be the information presented regarding fat burning, detoxification, skin improvements, increasing endurance, muscle building, neurogenesis (growth of new brain cells), and more. The fat loss information presented in the book is eye opening and will be of particular interest to those who have been having difficulty getting rid of stubborn, localised pockets of fat.

You will also find the latest information regarding how to use the sauna in order to maximize the expression of the FOXO3 longevity gene while simultaneously increasing the production of something called Heat Shock Proteins (HSP’s). The incredible result of which is proven longer healthy lifespan. There is also a chapter devoted to several nutritional supplements that can also increase the expression of your longevity genes. Additionally the astonishing results of a 20 year long Finnish Sauna Study and its relevance to your own sauna use is discussed in detail.

The final chapter of the book is devoted to explaining how to implement the incredible sauna detoxification protocol developed by Dr. George Yu MD. This incredibly powerful detox combines the use of niacin, activated charcoal, exercise and the sauna. This protocol was used with great success after 911 in order to detoxify many of those brave firemen who had been exposed to extreme levels of toxic dust inhalation. Its application is far reaching and it is a highly effective therapy for anyone who wishes to thoroughly clear their body of a lifetime of accumulated harmful toxins. This amazing detox therapy really does have no equal. It is super easy to follow and can work alongside your regular sauna sessions. The author has personally been using the protocol for many years and in that time has optimized its implementation with excellent feedback from his clients around the globe.

Lastly a few words from the author Ryker Black: “Maximizing healthy lifespan. The subject is my passion, perhaps my obsession. Whichever it is, my intention is that we both shall benefit. That is the sole reason why this book was written”.

All the best,

Ryker Black.

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