Life Changing Diet: Cure all your illnesses and get rid of any excess fat. Lower dramatically your Cholesterol, Sugar and blood pressure levels and build … anti-aging diet program (Anti Aging Book 9)


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“You need a good, healthy diet – it’s about finding out what your body needs. Sugar is a disaster for skin, as is white flour”
                                                 Thandie Newton

This Book will teach you the secret of keeping your Body fit and young in any age ! Since my adolescence, I found myself struggling with weight and food, keeping my body slim was always an important part in my life routine and eating plans. I am not the skinny type and if I want to be slim, for me, it means constant work. Obviously, I tried all the methods to lose weight available like all sorts of diet pills, juice fasts, and all kinds of enema plans, Atkins diet, blood type diets and many more diets that I will cover in this book.

When I was forty-two years old, I was diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol and sugar. These problems are in my family gens and my doctor suggested that I would start a medical treatment to lower my cholesterol. After researching and carefully studying these subjects, I decided not to surrender to pills and medical treatments and to heal my body naturally.

From my experience with different diets and knowing myself, I understood that I will have to Tailor suite my own diet to feet my body needs and my daily life style. In this book, I will deploy all the diet system that is available so you can custom suit your own diet plan.

In this book you will find chapters on:
Diet Types
Carbs Are Everywhere
Getting Fast Metabolism Rate
Custom Suit Your Diet
Love Your New Body
And Much More…

It took me three months to bring my Blood tests to optimal results that even for my doctor it was hard to believe that it is all about nutrition. My cholesterol and sugar levels dropped dramatically and I lost 20 pound in my weight. The result is lasting even until writing these lines five years later.

Get your copy of this amazing book today and see what difference it will make to the way you look and feel!

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