Kayla-Ism Facial Mask | Repairing Skin in 28 days | Collagen Mask Sheet with Jasmine essence| Long last Moisturizing Face Mask | Anti Aging Brightening Face Sheet Mask | Natural Face Mask Pack


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New skin solution for your skin

Kayla-Ism hyaluronic mask sheet is a perfect skin care product for 

✔ skin hydrating

✔ improving overall tone

✔ wrinkles and freckles removing. 


New unique formula helps to rejuvenate face skin and make it look and feel younger, fresher, and more lively.

Also brightening face sheet mask helps to fade sun spots and skin discoloration. 


Perfect for women from 20 to 50 years old. Fits for all skin types


Forget about freckles

If you struggle with freckles, try our sheet mask. 

Now there is no sense to do laser treatment. 

Just apply brightening face sheet mask regularly, and dark spots will disappear soon. 


Kayla-Ism face mask is made of natural ingredients – Glycyrrhiza glabra and jasmine essence. 

These extracts are commonly used in esthetic medicine and herbalism that makes them useful in skin healing and tightening. 


TIPS: For better results is recommended to use Kayla-Ism face mask with Kayla-Ism cleanser and Kayla-Ism face cream.



  • Thoroughly clean a face with Kayla-Ism face cleanser
  • Apply a sheet mask on a face and keep it for 20-30 minutes 
  • Remove the face mask
  • Apply Kayla-Ism face cream


NOTE: Natural face mask pack consists of 6 sheets, 30 ml each.

Mask sheet is drenched in serum essence. Rip bottom for extra serum access.

Try Kayla-Ism anti-aging sheet mask and you will see first results very soon! 


We guarantee 100% money refund in case if you have any concerns. 



100% SKIN RENOVATION – Try our new natural face mask pack for deep skin regeneration. It improves skin dullness and brightens skin color. Your skin will become bright and defined in 28 days. See first significant results after first few uses.
NATURAL EXTRACTS – Face mask is made of Glycyrrhiza glabra and jasmine essence. Organic ingredients make skin look young and fresh for a long time. These extracts are commonly used in esthetic medicine and herbalism that makes them useful in skin healing and tightening.
LIGHTENS AND FADES FRECKLES – Light brown spots on your face called freckles, are triggered by sun exposure. Brightening face sheet mask helps to remove dark spots and make your facial skin clean and bright again.
ANTI-AGING SHEET MASK – If you struggle with wrinkles, get the solution! For anti-aging therapy for face facial mask is perfect skin care product. The mask has 3 layers that not only moisturizes deeper then other masks but also has brightening effect that make your skin look younger.
PREMIER QUALITY – Our mask has best quality and it is much better then most European and Korean face masks. Our Company guarantees the best quality products for our customers. In case if you have any concerns, we provide refund. Please enjoy our skin care products and feel young longer.

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