Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss: Special Edition – Three Books – Combine Three Powerful Strategies for Rapid Fat Loss, Increased Health and Anti-Aging Benefits


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Audiobook one: Intermittent Fasting

How and why does IM work?

Are you looking to lose weight, break a weight-loss plateau, or become healthier? Countless scientific research trials have confirmed the beneficial results of fasting.

Countless scientific research trials have confirmed the results of fasting. If you want to learn how intermittent fasting (fasting for 16 hours a day and then eating during an eight-hour window) has the ability to make you burn fat fast and become healthier, then this is the audiobook for you. It is a basic introduction to the science behind IM, including some meal plans.

Audiobook two: The Carnivore Diet

Eat meat only – get lean fast!

The carnivore eating lifestyle is a hot topic in the low-carb world right now. This meat-eating diet consists of animal foods alone. Every day, people are turning to the carnivore diet because it’s simple and works! Apart from the immediate health boost you experience, it’s easy to follow because sugar, hunger, and carbohydrate cravings finally disappear!

Although it’s hard to believe that a carnivore diet is not only safe but helps to improve your health significantly, it has already worked amazingly well for daring souls!

Burn fat, feel incredible, boost your energy, and be happier – these are the results thousands of people are reporting from the carnivore diet.

The carnivore diet isn’t a fad, people are just going back to a natural way of eating that feels good and makes us healthy.

The Carnivore Diet audiobook has everything you need to know to get started right now! It covers what to eat and how to start the diet today.

Audiobook three: Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Ancient health benefits with apple cider vinegar.

I started supplementing with apple cider vinegar many years ago, and it has had dramatic effects on my health and physique. I wrote this audiobook for newcomers to this “miracle liquid” that has been around for thousands of years. Now is the time to start – you can buy apple cider vinegar almost anywhere, and it is relatively inexpensive.

With apple cider vinegar, you can achieve: natural weight loss, glowing health and skin, natural cures, and alkaline healing. In Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits, you will learn:

  • The history of apple cider vinegar: This liquid has been used since biblical times and probably even before that. In chapter one, you will learn all about the different ways this liquid has been used throughout history and is still used today.
  • Health benefits of apple cider vinegar: Did you know that apple cider vinegar can help fight diabetes and also makes your hair shinier?

Learn about the scientifically proven benefits of this liquid today.

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