How To Stay Forever Young : Anti Aging, fit, healthy, energitic and amazing ways to stay young forever: Be Athletic With Perfect Body And Mind Using a … and amazing ways to stay young forever)


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How to Stay Forever Young

Be Athletic with Perfect Body and Mind using a Balanced Diet

If you want to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health then this is the book you need. It is a compilation of every method out there, and includes cutting edge research on going away with the sign of aging both internal and external.

This book will focus on anti aging foods, anti aging diets and vitamins to keep you healthy and youthful.

If you are never sure of the diet you need, to remain healthy and still have all your nutritional requirements met, then this book not only tells you the diets but also has a 7 day diet and exercise regime to follow.

Looks at an overall picture of health

This book looks at mental, physical and even spiritual health; which needs to be kept in order to slow the aging process. It provides tips on how that can be achieved and what things should be avoided.

Anti Aging Treatment and Stem Cell Therapies

This eBook will tell you the different anti aging treatment and stem cell treatment available in the market and how to stay forever young forever.

Why I Wrote This Book

I wrote this book because I am a certified healthcare trainer and certified nutritionist and with the latest technologies, medical innovations, mobile app gadgets , anti aging therapies ,stem cell therapies and innovation there is a need to stay forever young by having perfect body and mind. Using a balanced diet and strictly adhering to the rules of the game, we are progressing to the part of defeating aging and be young forever !

The fountain of youth; ever heard of it? Ever looked at the wrinkles creasing the corners of your eyes? Ever poked your muscles and scowled at how saggy they are? Ever frowned at the result of your weighing machine? Ever pinched your belly to see if it’s still there? Ever looked an older person; fitter than you and felt embarrassed? If you have then you are not alone. People around the world are looking for ways to stay young and fit for as long as they can. If you have ever browsed the internet to find some way of staying healthy and young as your time clock ticks away then this book is the one you need. “How to stay forever young: Be athletic with perfect body and mind using a balanced diet” looks at staying forever young; with focus on staying physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, using the right diet, adding supplements if necessary.

This is a compilation of every method possible to stay healthy and tells you the easiest ways that can be achieved. This books looks at overall health and how important its components are; mental and physical health. It focuses on diet as the source of our aging and provides exercise regimes; so you can choose your personal favorite and evaluate how healthy and beneficial it is compared to everything else out there. Also check out the 7 day meal and exercise regime to get you started.

If you want to have the strength to be independent when you grow old then you need to work on it today. Be mentally sharp and physically fit enough to awe the youngsters of the future. Pick up this book and decide for yourself if you really want to rely on someone else when you are your most vulnerable. Stay healthy, fit and forever young.

About The Author

Dr Kathy Panoutsos, M.D has been involved with Healthcare, Beauty, Relationships and Fashion industry for almost a decade. She has researched fashion, healthcare and beauty in deepest sense. Due to her passion in health and well being, she has written on Yoga, Acne, Diet and Human relationships. She writes for all ages and uplifts the spirit of younger women. She loves to teach, travel and connect with all age groups. She loves to connect with reader !

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