How to Live to 100 -: Top Dos and Don’ts: Antiaging and Longevity Secrets Guide with Advice on Vitamins, Food, Probiotics, Omega 3s, Iodine, Folate, … (Simple Steps to Better Health) (Volume 5)


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This eBook provides a guide to living to be 100 years or older, but that’s only half of the goal. The other half is to feel young and healthy as you age. After all, what good is growing old if you are not healthy, vibrant and having fun doing it? The emphasis will be on proven secrets and tips I have learned over the years that will really help you avoid some of the landmines and take advantage of what we do know as far as extending your life and staying healthy and happy. We will list the top 10 dos and the top 10 don’ts, and for each give a list of facts, and then a discussion. Some chapters will also include an extra helpful tips section with additional information.So, in this book we will talk about the topic of aging, and look at what’s happened to people as they have tried to stay healthy and active as long as possible. I put together a list of a number of things that people should look at and do or not do as they go about their daily lives. I will go through them, and you may love me or hate me at the end of this. I am warning you, because I’ve got some things that I don’t think are controversial but a lot of people might, so we will go through them, and then you can decide for yourself.The How to Live to 100 Guidebook will show you, help you, explain, reveal, teach you, and give you the ability to: 1. Know the top 10 things you should be doing for your health 2. Know the top 10 things you should not do if you want to stay healthy 3. 43 more anti-aging tips to think about 4. Know Two vitamins you really need to be taking 5. Know the power of Fruits and vegetables 6. Know why the microwave is not good for you at all 7. Why salt and water are crucial for you and what kinds of salt and water 8. Feel Better – doing these things could help you feel much better 9. Feel Peace of mind of knowing you have invested in a healthy future for yourself 10. Achieve cleanliness by detoxification of the body 11. Strange news about a mouse getting younger! What does the future maybe hold for us? 12. And a lot more! This book recommends specific things you can do immediately to feel better and improve your health. It contains valuable health secrets and pointers you should know about if you suffer from any of these conditions. Pick up your copy today!

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