How to Be More Proactive with Your Health in 2022


Good health is one of the greatest gifts you can possess. However, it’s easy to take it for granted until a health crisis arises that has to be handled. Make 2022 the year you are proactive about staying healthy and prioritizing your well-being.

Resist Sitting

It’s been said that sitting for long periods of time can be as bad for your health as smoking. This is a huge problem in today’s world because so many people are constantly sitting down and looking at phones and computer screens. You probably sit all day for your job. Look for ways you can stand and move daily instead of remaining seated.

Get an adjustable desk that can allow you to go from a standing position to a sitting position when needed. Take the stairs instead of the elevator when possible. When you have work breaks during the day, take a brisk walk instead of sitting in a different room. You can even stand while you watch television. Small changes could help you avoid negative health consequences.

Make Your Appointments

Preventative appointments are important, but you likely don’t go in to see a professional until there’s a problem. Change that this year by making all of your preventative care appointments and putting them on your calendar. This includes medical, dental, and eye appointments.

Since it can be overwhelming to contact multiple different doctors and specialists, look for a practice that can assess your overall health and tell you if you need to see a specialist for any health concerns. Places that offer private gp services are good for assessing such things. This gives you personalized care without requiring you to make your way to different places unless you need to.

As an added bonus, schedule next year’s preventative care appointments before you leave the office. They will already be waiting for you when it’s time.

Pay Attention at Meals

There’s no reason to go on a fad diet or eliminate every food you love. Simply choose mindful eating this year and see how much it helps.

When you eat mindfully, you are taking the time to see what is on your plate and to taste and experience each bite with your senses. Start by visually assessing to make sure you have a variety of colors that come from fruits and vegetables. Use smaller plates to keep your portions in check, and then listen to your body as you eat.

By slowing down and making your meal an actual pause in your day, you’re less likely to grab food that is high in calories but not in nutrients. You are also more likely to savor each bite so you don’t eat too much before realizing it.

Prioritize Quality Sleep

Going to bed with a running to-do list in your brain and a phone in your hand is not a recipe for great sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to physical and mental health issues, so you need a night routine that helps you wind down and go to bed at around the same time each night.

Your routine should have you unplugging from tech at least an hour before bed and finishing your dinner hours before you try to sleep. Making time to meditate or stretch can also help you relax. If your mind still won’t calm down, make a list of items you will address the next day. This allows you to brain dump information so it hopefully won’t follow you to bed.

If you can’t sleep well no matter what you try, talk to your doctor about possible underlying causes.

Have an Outlet

You need to do something enjoyable every day. It’s not enough to simply survive; you should spend time doing something that lights you up inside regularly. This year, make sure to put this activity in your schedule just like you would any other appointment.

Take a daily walk, work on an art project, or play an instrument to help you relieve stress. This part of your day should not be a reward you have to earn. It should be essential no matter what because of how much stress is eliminated when you engage in things you love.


You don’t have to make radical changes to have better health. Take small, proactive steps to take care of yourself each day. Your body will reap the benefits of such an endeavor.

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