Hot Over 50: Making The Beauty And Wisdom Anti-Aging Connection


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The lyrics of her new release, Pretty Hurts, Beyonce sings; Pretty hurts, we shine the light on whatever’s worst. We try to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see, It’s the soul that needs surgery, sums up the message in Hot Over 50, Making the Beauty, Wisdom, Anti-aging connection. In Hot Over 50, Dr. Julie Stass tells the sexy grandmas and the Ms Looks-twenty-years-younger set, that anti aging has jumped to higher level. The new formula for timeless beauty eliminates a woman’s need to freeze time and moves her to a deeper beauty that never grows old. Hot, over 50 women like Tina Turner, Ali McGraw and Geena Davis have experienced the anti aging magic of authenticity. Admirers may wonder if she has had “work” done. The Truth is, being hot over 50 means she’s done the work. As women age through their 50s and into 60s, most begin to question the roles and expectations they’ve lived by for decades. Then, out of blue, comes a catalytic moment. Sometimes it’s dramatic; her spouse asks for a divorce, there is a cancer diagnosis, the death of a parent, a spouse or a friend. Often it is an equally powerful but more subtle event: noticing that men don’t look and flirt anymore or she sees her reflection in a store window and thinks, “My God, is that me?” Moving through their fifth decade, women physiologically and emotionally experience a different kind of energy, accompanied by restlessness and the unsettling sense that everything is changing. Nothing, her style, routine, day to day interactions, really fits anymore. It’s more than menopause. How women navigate this life changing time will be guided by the way they draw on their years of experience, what they believe about their worthiness and how willing they are to tell themselves the Truth. We all eventually face this life event. We all negotiate the challenge differently. What I have learned from my own journey and from my clients is that we already have all the wisdom we need to walk through this uncertain, unstable, scary, fun and weird stage of life. The key is knowing how to access and use the many facets of our wise selves: Our ability to connect, align our truth, attune to others and ourselves, use our intuition and trust ourselves gives us the ability to evolve and embrace this new chapter in our lives. Those who hold on to the old belief that their appearance is their worth will use all of their resources, chasing after any solution that promises to slow down aging, fooling everyone, including themselves, that they are not getting older. Others will choose to redefine the standard of worth, draw on their courage to be vulnerable. Willing to seen for who they are, they become the timeless, authentically beautiful expression of their wise true self.

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