Hormonal Health: Nutritional & Hormonal Strategies for Emotional Well-Being & Intellectual Longevity


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For women, maintaining appropriate estrogen levels is emphasized and a surprisingly large portion of this book is devoted to its effects on all aspects of a woman’s health and how it is affected through the hormonal cascade from the brain.

Restoring the youthful appearance sought after by so many health enthusiasts today can be accomplished with supplementation according to Dr. Colgan. Increasing levels of the hormone produced by the Pituitary gland, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is recommended. This hormone determines muscle mass, bone density and skin thickness. It also is know to reduce body fat with mild or moderate exercise.

The timeless content of this book is so revealing and disturbing because of what you DON’T know and what you HAVEN’T been told by your Health Professionals. Revealing, up-to-date hormonal and nutritional treatment strategies that will give you energy, emotional stability, mental sharpness and add many more quality years to your life.

  • Explore the current myths & misinformation on hormone replacement therapies
  • Learn that the sometimes devastating effects of menopause & perimenopause are no longer “all in a woman’s head” – that they are very real and very treatable
  • Read how improper nutrition and commonly prescribed medications affect sexuality & create personality disorder
  • Start your anti-aging strategy immediately and maintain your hormones at a youthful, healthful level

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