Heart Disease: Prevention and Treatment (Health and Anti-Aging Book 2)


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Heart Disease is the number one killer in America – Now is the time to learn about it – before it takes you or someone you love!

In the second book of her health and anti-aging series, Angela Cruze has decided to educating you on a serious health issue, heart disease.

This book explains the causes and risks of heart disease and the options available to you if you want to maintain good heart health. You’ll learn about the effects of heredity and getting older on your heart. You’ll also learn why nutrition and exercise are so important to maintaining a strong, healthy heart.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • the causes and risks of heart disease
  • the statistics of heart disease-related deaths
  • how heredity affects heart health
  • how aging, diet and exercise affect your heart
  • your options once you have heart disease, and
  • much, much more

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