Healthycell Telomere Length Supplement with AC-11 – Supports Lengthening of Telomeres Safely Through DNA Repair – Anti Aging Product for Healthy Aging – Cell Health – Lifespan – Stem Cell – Non-GMO


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Telomeres, key components of your “cellular aging clock”, are protective caps at the end of the chromosomes in each of your cells. They help ensure the integrity of your genetic information during cell division. Healthy telomeres allow a greater number of divisions, or clean copies, in the life of your cells, and are believed to help result in healthier aging.

Healthycell TMC is formulated to help provide the nutrition that most directly impacts the health of your telomeres. Two tablets daily provide: (1) Telomere maintenance botanical antioxidants, (2) Natural compounds that help maintain telomerase levels, (3) Nitric oxide enhancers, and (4) Methylating agents to inhibit homocysteine levels.

SUPPORTS TELOMERE LENGTH & HEALTHY AGING: Provides telomere length and anti aging benefits safely by increasing your cellular ability to repair DNA, rather than stimulate telomerase.
POWERED BY ANTI-OXIDANTS, EXTRACTS, VITAMINS: A balanced blend of a key rainforest DNA repair extract, AC-11, combined with essential vitamins, high potency botanical anti-oxidants, and nitric oxide enhancers help support telomere length.
CLINICALLY STUDIED: A new scientific study on ac-11 shows that out of 11 study participants, the telomeres of nine participants lengthened. The telomeres of two participants increased dramatically moving from telomere lengths typical of 70 and 60 year olds to those typical of people in their 40s.
BY NOBEL PRIZE NOMINEE: While other formulas to lengthen telomeres are formulated by marketing consultants, this supplement is formulated by Nobel Prize nominee and leading stem cell researcher, Vincent Giampapa MD.
INCLUDES 350MG of AC-11: A bioactive rainforest botanical extract of the Uncaria tomentosa plant that has been proven to enhance cell health by supporting your body’s natural ability to repair DNA, limit inflammation, clear out damaged cells, and enhance immune function – four powerful anti aging and telomere length support functions critical to healthy aging and lifespan as we age. This extract is supported by 17+ years of research, 40+ scientific peer-reviewed studies, and 10 U.S. patents.

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