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A powerful mix of ancient Hawaiian Huna, Medical Qi Gong, and Quantum Energy.  Discover what raising your frequencies feels like! This powerful spiritual meditation was originally designed in ancient Hawaii. Master Sio boosted it with Medical Qi Gong and Quantum Energy to raise your frequencies on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Merely observe the sensations that arise during the meditation. No specific intentions or expectations necessary. Aloha Nui.

Master Sio’s video and audio products combine and embed various healing, love and abundance frequencies. This QiGong Meditation and Medical QiGong video/audio track uses one or more of these frequencies, including 528 Hz (love and healing), 417 Hz, 888 Hz (for abundance), and 7.83 Hz (for grounding). Master Sio’s voice, in addition, carries QiGong healing frequencies known to promote healing, which some also claim to induce drowsiness, visuals, and hypnotic effects. He promotes love as the primary virtue for healing, and that in order to heal one’s self, one must love thy self first. Medical Qi Gong, a 1000 year old energy system, is incorporated in all meditations and used for the purpose of health and spirituality, to help energy flow throughout the body in order to achieve positive outcomes.

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