GENETICS OF YOUTH. BACK TO THE FUTURE: How to Use New Anti-Aging Research in Your Life: Autophagy, Training the Brain and Less Stress


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If you are a little over 20, then at least once in your life you have thought how old age will be. 

Often, the prospect of the humiliating period of the withering of life functions scares us – loss of physical attractiveness, decrease in the usual mobility of the body and brain, senile diseases, etc. It seems that it is impossible to influence this process, laid down in us by nature; we have to come to terms with it, and wisely accept all the changes that are happening to us.

How can we live to 100 years without losing all the advantages of youth in the way, and gaining all the benefits of maturity?

Recent research by scientists in the field of anti-aging gives hope that the aging remote is in our hands, and everyone can influence this process.

The book, the description that you are reading now, captivatingly talks about the latest scientific discoveries and teaches how to use them in your life to slow down the aging process.

Find out which daily habits have the greatest impact on your health, appearance, energy fullness and quality of life in general.

Get simple and effective recommendations, follow them and enjoy every day you live, regardless of the date of your birth. Increase not only your lifespan but also your health span.

Get younger every lived year and, as a true gourmet, slowly savor every moment of your unique and unrepeatable life!

Carpe diem. Grab your copy today and jumpstart your life with the numerous benefits of an anti-aging program.

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