Fountain of Youth: Simple Tenets to Think Young Throughout Life


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From the forward:
…This book is about life and how to navigate it. I firmly believe that no degree from any school can possibly give one any so-called ‘expertise’ on this subject. Yes, I know the shelves are full of self-help books. You found this volume there as well. But let’s face it: no one is an expert in human life, or how to successfully live as a human on this ever-changing planet of ours. We’re all struggling along as best we can. And this includes everyone who writes self-help books. And I include myself in that universe.
You should consider this an anti-self-help self-help book. You will find guidance—but not step-by-step advice—on how to feel young and retain youth as you age. Simple as that. I want to show you the benefits of thinking young. You may be surprised at how easy it is and how much it can change your life…

Growing old sucks.
The great contradiction in this modern age is that people are living longer. Still, their quality of life isn’t necessarily better. Plainly put: the human body was meant to have a particular shelf life – somewhere between sixty and eighty years. With improved diet, living conditions and medical practices, people can live longer – but that expiration date still looms.
So this book is not about how to live longer… What I want to do is show you the possibility of improving the quality of your life…

What this book won’t do:
•Improve your health or allow you to live longer;
•Make you more money;
•Make your more popular, or outgoing, or able to schmooze with society’s top 1%;
•Turn back the hands of time;
•Et cetera.

What this book will guide you through (if you commit):
•See the world differently;
•Help you be more optimistic;
•Keep you thinking young;
•Develop lifelong habits to do all the above long after you’ve read the final page.

You can’t live longer. Let’s face it. Consider the multitude of factors that impact your life expectancy: genetics, personal habits (both good and bad), the environment (both globally as well as where you live), your generation, your lifestyle, stress levels, et cetera. Apart from the no-brainers (don’t smoke, eat a balanced diet, engage in moderate exercise), anyone who tells you they can help you live longer is lying. Full stop. Don’t worry – this book doesn’t claim to extend your life expectancy either.
What I do claim, however, is that you can slow down that inevitable process of living. The same number of days, but they will seem longer. Yes – slowing down the perceived passage of time. That’s almost the same thing as living longer, isn’t it? Trust me – and join me on this journey…

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