FOREVER YOUNG: My Stem Cell Story


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This is my eighth book and has to do with further helping Americans stay young, and
presenting them with a powerful tool to combat killer diseases. In my previous books,
primarily in the financial area, I discuss the weakness of the U.S. banking system, including
newly instituted “bail in” program, hyperinflation, and expatriation. This book is diferent. It
relates my true story upon taking a mega-dose of adult stem cells (300,000,000) on
January 2, 2016.

For those looking for a way to perhaps pay for stem cell therapy, which is not cheap, I offer
my advice in my recent bestseller: THE COMING GOLD & SILVER SHARE
EXPLOSION! The book describes the investment program that I personally use, It’s is
simple and easy to administer. Performance-wise over the past 16 years (2001-17), it has
been second to none, having gained a whopping 924.9%.

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