First Milk Diet: Your Anti-Aging Secret


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A‭chieve the body of your dreams, enhanced

‭sports performance and the health you deserve

‭with the first food for all humans. Dr Anthony

‭Kleinsmith grew up in Cache Valley, the heart of ‭the Utah dairy industry, where he learned about the health ‭impact of colostrum on growth and survival of calves, and ‭introduced the concept of certified first milking colostrum.

‭He shares the health stories of people who’ve achieved their ‭health dreams with this super food and the scientific studies ‭that show why colostrum should be part of the ageless life

‭diet. Whether recovering from illness, sports injuries, training ‭daily or simply wanting to avoid the symptoms of premature ‭aging—colostrum’s growth factors turn on muscle, tissue and ‭organ cell renewal and repair processes; while intelligent ‭peptides educate immune cells to make them better sentries

‭against pathogens. Includes delicious colostrum recipes to ‭make this super food par of one’s daily indulgence in ageless


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