Face Moisturizer – Vitamin C Face Cream for Facial Whitening,Hydrating, Anti-Wrinkle & Fine Lines with Jojobal Oil,Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter & Vitamin B5 Night Cream for Face (1.7oz)


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❤️Whitening Face Moisturizer – From the most primitive period, Vitamin c has been widely used in whitening skin care products. Vitamin C face moisturizer can start from the basal layer of melanocytes of the skin, inhibit tyrosinase activity and block Melanin is produced, enhance the whiteness of the skin from the inside out, leaving the skin younger and more lustrous.
❤️Anti-aging Face Cream – Our collagen loses with age, however, VC face cream can promote the production of collagen and elastin to slow down the aging of the skin, prevent wrinkles and fine lines from appearing early, achieve the effect of anti-aging, and keep the skin full and young.
❤️Acne Treatment Face Moisturizer – Excessively secreted oil is often mixed with dead cells to cause pore blockage, which leads to acne outbreaks. SOSIAY CICI Vitamin C face cream can balance the amount of sebum secretion effectively and help treat existing skin lesions,exfoliate and remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. Make your skin smoother.
❤️Spot Treatment Cream – As a powerful antioxidant, VC face moisturizer has resistance to free radicals and antioxidants, and can effectively prevent and reduce UV rays. our face cream help to reduct age spots, chloasma, and sun spots to making the skin looks more younger.
❤️Natural & Organic Face Cream: SOSIAY CICI High-concentration vitamin C natural face moisturizer combine with vitamin B5, MSM, pure organic jojoba oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil, gluten-free, no paraben, no corn, no soy , vegan formula, suitable for all types of skin including uneven skin, oily skin tone or sensitive muscles.

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