Crépe Erase Advanced Anti Aging Hand Repair Treatment with TruFirm Complex, Lavender Honey, 3 Oz


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Our hands are usually the first area to show signs of aging, so why not treat them to an intensive anti-aging formula designed to target dry, crépey skin. With exclusive TruFirm Complex to gradually reduce visible signs of aging and super hydrators Squalane and Shea Butter, hands feel luxuriously soft and visibly younger.


Meet the secret ingredient in the Crépe Erase family: TruFirm Complex. This breakthrough blend of essential phytonutrients works together to help protect skin’s essential structure. In other words, it works to target the side effects of aging and UV damage. Our powerful blend of naturally derived extracts — dill, apple and sage — helps support natural elastin production and structural resilience for visibly firmer, smoother, healthier skin you can see and feel.


Crépey skin is dry, crinkly, wrinkly skin that resembles the texture and look of crepe paper. It is commonly referred to as “scaly skin”, “lizard skin”, “reptile skin”, etc. Youthful skin is plump, firm, smooth and resilient, with a tight, elastic ‘SNAP’ to it. But as we age, elastin’s structure and functionality begins to break down, collagen production slows, and skin-weakening enzymes build up. This ‘perfect storm’ of aging causes the skin’s infrastructure –or ‘netting’ – to weaken and fragment. This fragmentation is further accelerated by sun exposure, oxidative stress and free radicals, resulting in loss of elasticity and dry, crêpe-paper wrinkles and crinkles, better known as crépey skin. The Crepe Erase system was developed to improve the look of crépey skin for women suffering from not only thin, crinkly, wrinkly looking skin on their chest, neck, arms, and legs but also on their face.

The delicate skin on our hands is often prone to dryness & other signs of aging. This creme immediately leaves hands feeling soft, supple and appear more youthful-looking.
Helps improve the appearance of dry, crpey, and cracked hands
Apply daily. Massage liberal amount into cuticles, palms, and backs of hands.

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