Colostrum Life’s first food: The ultimate anti-aging, immune boosting and weight loss supplement


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Colostrum: Life’s First Food, the number one killer in the world today is immune disease. The only way your body can contract any kind of disease is when your immune system has been compromised. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, allergies, infections, auto-immune disease, ulcers, and even aging are immune related. If your immune system is functioning properly, your body will automatically heal itself of any disease. And when it comes to boosting your immune system, nothing on the face of this Earth comes even remotely close to the healing power of colostrum. Colostrum is known to assist with: weight loss, cancer, diabetes, candida, leaky gut, healing quicker, as an anti-biotic, and helping you look and feel younger. Just read the many testimonials of those who have benefited from this super food. What is colostrum? Colostrum is a thick yellow substance that is produced during pregnancy and is life’s first food for all mammals. It is the most important meal in our entire lives…. So important that most animals would die without it. History of colostrum Colostrum has been used throughout history by many cultures around the world. Ayuvedic physicians and the sacred healers in India have for thousands of years used bovine colostrum for both physical and spiritual healing. One Ayuvedic practice is to drop colostrum in boiling water and roll the balls in sugar. Northern Europeans prepared a special pudding made with colostrum and honey to celebrate the health of a newborn calf. Colostrum contents: Colostrum contains all essential fats, all essential amino acids, and is the most complete food that exists. Colostrum contains all known growth factors, which accelerate the regeneration and healing of all body tissues. Growth factors that help heal muscle, bone, nerve and cartilage. It helps the newborn grow healthy and heal quickly. Also in colostrum are all the known immune factors, which supercharge the immune system and help protect us from bacteria, viruses, and other invading organisms. There are an estimated 5,000 medical studies to date proving that colostrum heals immune problems, aids in tissue to regeneration, and countless other healing benefits. Colostrum also contains every strain of probiotic bacteria that the mother has, and is far superior for restoring your gut flora than using probiotics. If a probiotic supplement was one instrument, colostrum would be the entire symphony.

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