Collagen Serum Anti-Aging Face Cream for Dry/Wrinkled, Sagging Skin. Clinically Shown to Increase Collagen by 60%. Works 20X Faster Than Other Peptides


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★ Allurica Skincare Collagen Youth Serum ★

Our collagen serum is a tested and proven way to get your skin looking younger through wrinkle reduction, firming of your skin, increasing its density, refirming contours, and boosting your collagen synthesis.

Allurica’s Replexium Exclusive Wrinkle Reverse Technology

Revitalize your skin’s declining collagen production; the fiber network that uniformly plumps your skin towards the surface which creates smooth youthful skin. Manage the appearance of expression wrinkles and rough, sagging skin by triggering Collagen Synthesis with Replexium, a next generation rapid aging treatment.
This super peptide is proven (in clinical human trials) to address the core of collagen breakdown and rapid aging.

Developed Using Groundbreaking Clinical Research.
BASF invented a “SUPER PEPTIDE” by fusing of 2 smaller peptides (protein molecules) Acetyl Tetrapeptide-9 and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-11 together. That’s how Allurica provides your skin with the essential peptides known to reconstruct and repair your aging appearance.

The researchers found the missing “key” to eliminating deep wrinkles, loose skin, sagging skin and other consequences of aging skin they’d been searching for!
Finally, they masterfully fused these two “super peptides” into the most bio-available formulation available that penetrates the deepest layers of skin for the most beneficial and lasting anti-aging results..

With Scientifically Validated Results, Replexium is now being called “The New Standard By Which All Other Products Will Be Judged.”
Until now, there hasn’t been a scientifically proven peptide treatment on the market that effectively restores aging skin with visible results in just 21 days.
Skin density also improved by 21 percent within three weeks, resulting in firmer, more plump youthful skin..

Look 7 years younger in 3 weeks, by dramatically reducing the appearance of aged skin

BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH IN PEPTIDE TECHNOLOGY IN 20 YEARS – Replexium, a blend of two patented anti-aging peptides, providing exclusive Wrinkle Reversing Technology. Proven through clinical human trials to provide 21% firmer skin after three weeks, the equivalent of 7 years younger looking skin – Better than hydrolyzed collagen
SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED TO REGAIN 7 YEARS FIRMER SKIN – Scientifically validated results to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, plump skin and restore youthful Collagen levels, which results in beautiful, smooth, firmer, younger looking skin within three weeks
CLINICAL RESULTS Fine lines & wrinkles reduced by up to 11 percent after three weeks, and as much as 23 percent after eight weeks A significant decrease in three types of facial wrinkles, visible “crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and smile lines (nasolabial folds) Skin density improved by 21 percent
ANTI-AGING BENEFITS – Super Peptide + Vitamin C reverses cell damage by boosting collagen production to keep the skin firmer and younger and helps to prevent brown spots and pigmentation by fading them away.
COLLAGEN BOOSTING YOUTH SERUM – Our anti-aging collagen serum stimulates your body’s natural collagen production giving your skin a noticeably youthful glow.

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