Collagen Lifting, Plumping, Firming Serum Anti-Aging Collagen Serum for Face Improves Elasticity, Evens Skin Tone, Plumps, Lifts Sagging Skin Non-Greasy Wrinkle Serum Made in USA by Elastalift


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Give Your Wrinkles the Boot

Created by women tired of being told to cover up imperfections, Elastalift was started to help uncover existing beauty. This Collagen Lifting Serum does just that. It diminishes the look of wrinkles, from the deep creases that line your forehead to the fine lines surrounding your eyes. Lift and moisturize sagging skin to youthful radiance with Elastalift!

Ingredients You Know and Love

Give your skin the nutrient boost it needs to perk up with collagen and some of the oldest and truest skin care products: Pure natural extracts!

Apple fruit extract gives you the even skin tone you desire. Its rich in vitamin C, which brightens the appearance of dull, aging skin.

Rosemary leaf extract promotes healing from within by improving circulation.

Sunflower extract soothes skin thats grown rough over the years. Plus, it protects the skin from future damage done by sunlight!

Orange peel extract rejuvenates skins appearance since its citric acids gently exfoliate.

Keep Your Skin Care Clean

Clean skin care products are what transform problem skin into perfect skin! Even for those with sensitive skin, this moisturizing collagen serum is safe for you since its free from harmful chemicals. No PEGs, formaldehyde, sulfates, triclosan, or propylene glycol damage your skin with Elastalift!

Its Never Too Early to Prevent Wrinkles

Its much easier to ward off wrinkles than to treat them. No matter how old you are or how many wrinkles you have, this plumping and hydrating serum provides your skin with the building blocks it needs to slow and reverse the signs of aging!

PERFECTLY PLUMP SKIN Do you dream of the years before wrinkles and fine lines betrayed your age? Revive the firm, glowing, and gorgeous skin from your youth with Elastalifts Collagen Lifting Serum! Collagen returns skin to its former beauty by stimulating vital elastin production to plump and lift aging skin.
NATURES FINEST INGREDIENTS Nutrient-rich extracts found in nature enhance collagens incredible properties. Soy partners with collagen to firm sagging skin, while algae extract brightens and perfects your skin tone. And for a final dewy glow, glycerin moisturizes to the max.
SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN Time deprives skin of its resilience, making it increasingly fragile as the years pass. Dont choose an anti-wrinkle serum laden with harsh and harmful chemicals. Instead, choose the USA-made plumping serum thats free from parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, dyes, talc, and more!
NON GREASY AND ABSORBS EASY With the many facial oils, serums, and moisturizers that make up your skin care routine, layering on product after product can make your skin feel greasy and smothered. But thats not a problem with Elastalifts non-greasy and fast-absorbing skin serum!
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED At Elastalift, we want to lift your skin AND your self-confidence. We promise that this anti-aging face serum lessens fine lines and reduces wrinkles, giving you the confidence boost you desire, or your money back!

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