Chlorella Anti-Aging Collagen Eye Treatment Mask Eye Pads,Effectively Remove Fine Lines Eliminate Edema Eye Bag Reduce Dark Circles,Deeply Hydrating Eye Skin(30 Pairs/60 Pcs)


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Products description Chlorella mainly improves the immunity of the body by improving the phagocytosis ability of macrophages, promoting lymphocyte transformation, increasing lymphocyte number and enhancing the vitality of natural killer cells. Color:Green Product feature: 1.Made with 100% natural ingredientsgentle and not stimulate. 2.Work effectively. 3.Quality assurance. 4.Preservative-Free. 5.With variously natural plant extracts. 6.Produced by factory with FDA qualifications. 7.Without any animals experiments. 8.Package plastic sealed. Function: 1.Effectively remove fine lines. 2.Tender and smooth eye skin. 3.Effectively eliminate edema eye bag. 4.Hydrating and firming reduce dark circles. 5.Increase skin firmness and elasticity, deeply hydrating eye skin. Methods of use: 1.Cleaning up your face and wait it to dry. 2.Apply two peices eyemasks under your eyes. 3.Remove the under eye mask after 20 mins. 4.Gently message the eye area until essence is fully absorbed by skin. Applicable Symptoms: 1.With dark circles after staying up late. 2.Fine lines on eye skin. 3.saggy of eye skin. 4.Badly pouch under the eyes. Product specification: Weight:6.35 fl.oz / 180g Package Include:30 Pairs/60 Pcs Shelf life:Three years★Function:Effectively remove fine lines,eye bag,dark circles,Increase skin firmness and elasticity and deeply hydrating eye skin.
★Feature:Fresh, natural, non-greasy, brand new formula, algae,Chlorella extracts are rich in antioxidants that promote and maintain healthy skin, and soothing herbal essences, such as rosemary and chamomile, calm the skin
★Ingredient:FDA approved,rich in a variety of natural plant extracts,mild without irritation.This new formula can effectively solve common eye problems.
★Methods of use:After cleaning the face, glue the eye mask and place it around the eye bag, smear flat, take it off after about 20 minutes, gently massage the skin around the eye mask until the essence is completely absorbed.
★100% SATISFACTION & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:We hope you love our Chlorella Collagen Eye Mask! If you are not satisfied with our products, please feel free to consult, we will give you a satisfactory answer.

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