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First Milk Diet: Your Anti-Aging Secret

A‭chieve the body of your dreams, enhanced ‭sports performance and the health you deserve ‭with the first food for all humans. Dr Anthony ‭Kleinsmith grew up in Cache Valley, the heart of ‭the Utah dairy industry, where he learned about the health ‭impact of colostrum on growth and survival of calves, and ‭introduced the concept…

Quantitative Medicine: Using Targeted Exercise and Diet to Reverse Aging and Chronic Disease

Targeted Exercise and Diet Reverse Aging and Chronic Disease___A broad claim, but it works, proven in 20 years of clinical practice. Here’s how. Using ordinary blood tests, an optimum exercise and nutritional strategy is developed. Once achieved, aging is slowed, and biological age reversed. Chronic diseases like osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, adult onset diabetes, and osteoporosis are…

7 Essential Dietary Needs for Women’s Health

Most women find it difficult to maintain a proper diet since they are busy juggling their careers, looking after children, or school. The dietary needs of women are unique.

Women should embrace healthy eating at different stages of their lives to help manage weight, cravings, or relieve stress. Here are essential dietary needs for women’s health.