Brain Fitness: How to Achieve Super Mind-Power and Keep It As Long As You Live


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Within these pages you will find all the most up-to-date, cutting-edge information on how to boost brainpower, improve memory, concentration, and creativity, and keep your mind super-fit–as long as you live.

The most important organ we possess is our brain.  It is our remarkable brainpower that sets us apart from other species and makes us special.  And like our muscles, which can be made stronger with consistent effort, our brainpower, too, can be expanded and strengthened.  In fact, each one of us is capable of developing Super Mind Power.

As cofounder and director of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Robert Goldman has at his fingertips all of the latest scientific research on what each of us can do not only to retain all our mental powers throughout our lives, but also to actually strengthen and improve our mind power as we age.  Now he shares that information, in layman’s terms, with numerous self-tests, charts, and quizzes, so that we all can improve memory, sharpen concentration, reduce stress, learn to sleep better, and–above all–ward off the devastation of Alzheimer’s disease.

Goldman discusses the many nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, and medications that have been proved to enhance mental fitness, providing specific doses and regimens.  But he also goes beyond this, detailing particular exercises, activities, and lifestyle techniques designed to sharpen mental acuity.  Each chapter ends with a “Brief Refresher” chart of the strategies discussed, and the book concludes with an Appendix detailing an overall plan for pursuing Super Mind Power on all fronts.

As medicine continues to increase longevity, and it becomes more vital for us all to keep the mind healthy and vigorous, Brain Fitness is destined to become our bible for the new millennium.

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