Between the Jeans: Epigentics, Awareness, Antiaging, and Health Exceeding Currenr Science (Health & Awareness) (Volume 5)


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This book, “Between the Jeans” discusses this original, fractally-based method of diagnosis as devised by my friend, Dr. Richard S. Price, PhD to whom this book is dedicated. Using this, he combined his fractal healing system, loosely based on the work of Dan Nelson and expanded on it in ways that no one else likely ever could. Further, Rich has taught his technology to others. With this, I submit that this new work takes healing, wellness, and thriving to realms heretofore unattainable by conventional science and expands on it. While Epigenetics is still very much cutting edge and best expressed by Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD, the work herein was never documented prior to this book. Furthermore, Rich has applied it to hundreds of people with such parasitic diseases as Lymes and Malaria and their related infections and has successfully resolved them sometimes in just a matter of hours. Finally, I have personally witnessed some of these events. With this I end this book with a report on the incredible 400% plant growth results obtained with water exposed to these fractals and fractalized crystals as reported. With plants, the results are more easily documented. While still somewhat variable in their outcomes, plants are totally within their own control except for sunlight, soils, temperatures, and watering. Thus the results are in your face. Here, no outside intervention/ subjective error can easily be argued as opposed to cars and people. But, no matter what the target: a human body, a diesel engine, or a strawberry plant, these fractals work extraordinarily well and at levels previously unknown or documented by anyone as far as we know. The idea here is to get an informed group of interested, knowledgeable and intelligent readers involved in the dissemination of this information as Dan Nelson and Bruce Lipton have done previously to some degree, with their incredible work. The hope is that we can find a few hundred readers who will buy and read this book in depth, absorb the information contained and help to move our world to this new Quantum level.

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