Be Young: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide to Maintaining Your Youth


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When we are young, our body plays a harmonious symphony. As we get older however, those same instruments start to play out of key and ruin the orchestra. This happens because certain processes and systems start to malfunction down to the protective caps on the end of our DNA strands, ultimately influencing lifespan.But although age is inevitable, aging is not. Why do we have to get old as we move on in years? In reality becoming old physically and psychologically need not follow this natural life cycle. We are as strong as our weakest link and taking care of our bodies and minds, from the large organ systems down to the individual cell level, as well as keeping our autonomic nervous system in check, is pivotal to maintaining and slowing down the aging process. The key is to perceive our body as a unified machine whereby the same factors affect each and every part. If we keep the major influencers in good shape, their impact will trickle down to each and every cell and enable the body to continue to work in harmony, thereby preserving youthfulness. Making changes, especially lifestyle changes, is never easy and requires motivation, determination and the correct attitude. The LIFE protocol on which the book is based, is the mainstay of Dr Barry Dinner’s anti-aging program, and has been developed to lengthen and enhance the three pillars of your life: Lifespan, Valuespan and Youthspan, ensuring that your youthful years are not only productive, but extend into old age. In his book, Dr Dinner outlines the main systems that constitute the body functions, and gives advice on how to strengthen them in order to perpetuate optimal functionality. This goes hand-in-hand with his practical recommendations on how to exercise the body and mind, eat correctly and thereby utilize each organ to its fullest. Dr Dinner not only gives suggestions on strengthening your body and mind, but also puts many guidelines into place to help you achieve set goals. These include the Beyoung App which tracks your dietary intake to ensure ideal nutrition, and an extensive breakdown of his recommended nutraceuticals, which have been scientifically researched and formulated specifically for each functional system. In essence, Beyoung is a comprehensive, practical anti-aging handbook which contains real concepts on moving forward into a life extension program, taking the guesswork out on how to keep our bodies healthy and maintain our youth.

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