Baby Boomers’ Guide to the Fountain of Youth: Reset Your Age; Restart Your Life!


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The Baby Boomers’ Guide to the Fountain of Youth is a life-changing and inspirational reality check for the millions of readers between the ages of 40 and 65 who currently are on the fast track to diabetes, stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis and dozens of other illnesses.It is the only diet and fitness program that allows participants to eat any foods, does not rely on heavy exercise to lose weight (no cardio required!), stresses the importance of hydration and breathing for total health, clarifies the role of supplements in the diet, pinpoints the benefits and side-effects of hormones and steroids as we age, spotlights the latest techniques in fillers, laser and plastic surgery, stresses the need for adequate sleep, exposes the true effects of smoking, drinking and stress on one’s health, as well as the benefit of a positive outlook and visualization in achieving perfect wellness into one’s nineties.Reset your age; Restart your life!

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