Autophagy: The Benefits of Autophagy, the Activation of the Anti-Aging Process, Weight Loss, and Intermittent Fasting Combined with the Ketogenic Diet


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Quickly and naturally lose weight and stop the anti-aging process by harnessing the power of autophagy!

Many of the body’s functions, like weight gain and aging, are driven by activities happening at the cellular level, and it is only by understanding the things happening at this level that you can achieve lasting changes to your weight and overall health. Autophagy is a cellular function that allows a cell to “detox” by taking apart, removing, and rebuilding old, dysfunctional, or inefficient parts of its structure in order to continue working and living at its full potential. 

In this practical and highly listenable book, you will explore the basics of autophagy, its benefits, and how to pair it with slight changes in lifestyle and diet as a way to refresh and keep your body healthier. Unlike other books on dieting and autophagy, which tend to focus on complex scientific definitions and complicated methods, this book offers easy-to-understand explanations and steps for how to lose weight, look younger, and achieving a healthier lifestyle. By learning how to recreate the process of autophagy through intermittent fasting and a low-carb ketogenic diet on a larger scale, you will be able to positively impact your health and life with ease. In this book, you’ll also find the answers to questions like:

  • Is autophagy good or bad?
  • What are the benefits of autophagy?
  • What is the quickest, and safest, rate to lose weight?
  • What are the different types of intermittent fasting?
  • Now that I’ve lost the weight, how do I keep it off?

Whether you are looking to lose a little weight or a lot, this book is full of practical information and easy to implement steps to help you on your journey. Why settle for a book that was intended to help anyone, when you can have the book that will help you understand and make changes that are tailored to you, your needs, and your goals. Your new, happier, healthier life starts when you pick up this book!

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